Tuesday, October 31, 2023

How to Stop the War(s)

By Dennis J. Kucinich - October 31, 2023 at 09:05AM


If you are opposed to continued US involvement in wars which are percolating globally and which threaten to ensnare our country, jeopardize our troops and ruin our economy, please read this article. 

President Biden and Congress this week, in separate funding attempts, will likely pursue money to fund wars against Ukraine and Gaza, and to intensify further actions which could start wars against China and Iran.

This is a defining moment for Mr. Biden, for Congress, for America and the world.  Congress may well split war appropriations into separate bills, but once the spigot is open, more and more money will flow to accelerate the killing.

We are on the offense vs. Russia, and preparing for offense vs. Iran and China. NONE of these nations have forward bases to attack the US.

We have over 800 bases around the world.

We spend close to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS a year, almost half of our discretionary spending for the Pentagon and various intelligence services.

We do have the obligation to protect our nation. However, we can’t protect it by actively inciting tensions and pre-emptively bombing Iran, Russia or China. 

Such attacks will risk massive retaliatory strikes which would destroy our major cities and kill millions of Americans, no matter how good our defense is. We bombed and killed a million Iraqis precisely because they could not fight back, just as Gazans are being bombed under US supervision. Iran, China and Russia can and will fight back. 

America is at greater risk today than ever because our leaders are prepared to gamble with wiping out all history and posterity. Don’t say it can’t happen. American foreign policy is a game of liar’s poker, money piles in and stakes go up. These powers in front of and behind the veil of government, including media pundits and their rhetoric, are betting with our money and our lives.

We have the power to stop wars. Now. Here’s how.

Here are short-term actions that you can take:

1.   Contact your Congressional representative in Washington, by phone or email, NOW and tell them to oppose appropriations for war. Give your name and address  The US Capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

2.   Visit your local congressional office. Ask to meet with the District Director. Tell them you want your congressperson to vote against appropriating money for the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Russia or China.

3.   Encourage, support and vote for those who oppose money for more war. War is the defining issue of our generation.

4.   Be prepared to oppose those congresspersons who support money for more war and don’t be afraid to tell them that.

5.   Ask the President and the Congress to support our troops by bringing them home. They are being used as bait. Demand all US troops, Special Forces, naval and air personnel who are stationed proximate to conflict areas outside the US to be brought home.

6.   Support humanitarian aid, for food, water, shelter, and medical care to relieve the suffering of people in war-torn regions.

7.   Attend rallies in your hometown to express your support for peaceful resolution of conflict at all levels and international diplomacy to settle disputes, before they turn violent.

8.   Call the White House at 202-456-1414 and express your opposition to more money for war, or email comments@whitehouse.gov

Now is the time to build a new movement for Human and Ecological Security and Peace. Now is the time to become active, as though your life depends upon it.

It may.

Kucinich is a Member of the Ron Paul Institute's Board of Advisors.

Reprinted with permission from The Kucinich Report.
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