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The DOD Curious and Control File Concerned

By Concerned Citizen - October 13, 2023 at 12:25AM


It’s been said that a nation allowing its military to act unjustly abroad may get its comeuppance when that same military turns on it.

Is America experiencing this?

There’s evidence that the American wing of the scamdemic is primarily being lead from within the bowels of the DOD. Some of that evidence was discussed on the HighWire in June and July of 2023, in the segments listed below.

•“The Woman Responsible for the US Covid Response” in HighWire Episode 324, posted on June 17, 2023

•“Biden Makes Temporary Pandemic Preparedness Office Permanent” in HighWire Episode 330, posted on July 27, 2023

If DOD is, in fact, in the driver’s seat of the effort to control Americans under the guise of infectious disease protection then, as discussed below, it was recently handed one hell of a tool that could be used toward that end.

Responsibility for conducting the background investigations of federal employees has been transferred from OPM to DOD.

On April 24, 2019, an executive order was issued which shifted primary responsibility for conducting background investigations for federal agencies from OPM to DOD. The transfer was complete on October 1, 2019.

DOD has been handed a tool that, if misused, gives it great leverage over federal employees who may stand in the way of scamdemic-related tyranny.

Federal employees, especially those in advisory and decision-making positions, can potentially thwart the stripping of Americans’ rights by insisting that their agencies comply with policy and law, including with the Constitution. This may take the form of refusing to feign agreement with a baseless interpretation of that policy and law which would allow for tyranny. Identifying those most likely to take this stance is not difficult (e.g., those with liberty-leaning social media posts).

Federal employees are generally subject to background investigations upon hire. Some positions, but not all, require periodic updates to the investigations. Those undergoing the process are generally required to execute a form authorizing the release of their private information to the feds (authorization form). Generally, the grant of authorization remains in effect well beyond the date of the form’s execution, with effective periods varying depending upon the form (e.g., the sooner of five years from execution or the termination of employment, throughout the duration of the employment, etc.). Due to such lengthy effective periods, even those holding positions which don’t require investigation updates are potentially subject to having their personal information accessed well after executing a form. The information that can be accessed using an executed form is extremely broad, as one can see by perusing the form used for non-sensitive positions, the SF-85.

DOD has been granted a degree of power over who the feds employ by being given near blanket responsibility for federal background investigations.

It's easy to imagine how the background investigation power could be abused in order to bring about the purging of, and exclusion of, liberty supporters from federal employment. This could be accomplished by more aggressively scrutinizing the information of liberty supporters during background investigations; selectively divulging information found during background investigations depending on the subjects’ politics; and/or targeting liberty supporters for extra surveillance of their information after their initial background investigations are conducted, using their executed authorization forms.

Said differently, if DOD personnel are, in fact, leading the American contingent of the scamdemic, then it’s reasonable to wonder whether DOD background investigators will target pro-liberty types for harsher treatment like IRS auditors reportedly did under the authority of Lois Lerner.

DOD having background investigation power matters, even if it was already conducting illegal surveillance.

Some may consider the grant of federal background investigation power to DOD to be of little significance due to a suspicion that DOD was already illegally accessing all Americans’ private information. They may ask, like a Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

It makes a difference.

For obvious reasons, it’s not feasible for federal employers to use information obtained through illegal surveillance as a basis for unsuitability findings or conduct unbecoming charges. Doing so would reveal the illegal surveillance. However, DOD having an authorization form executed during the background investigation process, legally allowing access to the private information of an applicant or employee, could provide cover for DOD to bring information already illegally obtained to the attention of the employing agency.

Building control files of feds in key positions is especially easy for an agency in charge of background investigations.

If DOD is, in fact, now primarily focused on stripping Americans’ rights rather than protecting them, then it could use its new, easier access to the personal information of federal employees in another way to achieve the former end. That access could be used to build control files on feds in key positions who are prone to supporting liberty.

Catherine Austin Fitts explained the meaning of the term “control file” in her article posted on July 29, 2012 in the Solari Report entitled “Control Files” which states in part:
A 'control file' is a private record that contains secret information or pictures that are the basis of threatening and blackmailing a person…

A control file is an important tool of gathering and exercising power. Control files are often used to command loyalty and obedience from the people who manage government, sit in the courts, lead enterprises and direct financial transactions…
Are political views already affecting suitability determinations for federal employment?

This author isn’t arguing in favor of no background investigations being conducted in connection with federal employment. Surely, reasonable people would agree that it’s appropriate to conduct such investigations, to varying depths, depending on job duties.

Americans wouldn’t want, for example, one of questionable veracity, who has reportedly boasted online about his “puppy role-play fetish” and taught “Kink 101” workshops to college students, to be hired for an important federal position with responsibility for nuclear and radioactive material. Oh wait, that already happened, under the purportedly arduous background investigation process already in place. Considering this, one wonders if leftists are already receiving greater leniency during the federal background investigation process than others.


The timing of the shift in federal background investigation responsibility to DOD, just shortly before the start of the scamdemic, is somewhat eyebrow-raising, and even more so when considered along with evidence indicating that DOD has been the driver of scamdemic-related policy.

Once the next phase of the scamdemic gets going, the issue of whether America falls into a tyrannical abyss may partly hinge on whether enough federal employees step up to stop that from happening. The powers behind the scamdemic surely realize this.

It takes childlike naiveté to believe that the federal background investigation power will not be abused if it is, in fact, held by the same players leading the effort to strip Americans’ of their rights under the pretext of infectious disease protection.

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