Saturday, March 4, 2023

RFK Jr. For President?

By Eric Jackman - March 04, 2023 at 01:35PM

RFK, Jr. addressing Ron Paul Institute's 2021 Washington Conference

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is someone I've long looked up to and admired. He gave one of the most inspiring, passionate and courageous speeches I've ever seen. I actually choked up a little when he spoke about the more than 2 million Americans who lined the railroad tracks to say goodbye to his father as his train made its way to Arlington National Cemetery. 1968 wasn't so long ago.

Kennedy spoke truthfully about America's militarism, corporate greed, Orwell style censorship and the grip that Pharma has on "media" and shaping narratives, especially over the last three years. He is seriously considering a Democratic primary challenge to President Biden. I urge him to do it. Kennedy is somewhat of a throwback to what Democrats used to be like (Kucinich, Wellstone, Gravel, JFK, RFK, Tulsi). His track record of standing against environmental polluters and corporate malfeasance while elevating the voices of the downtrodden and marginalized truly speaks for itself.

"I am thinking about it yes. I have passed the biggest hurdle, that my wife has greenlighted it."
- RFK at St. Anselm College’s Institute of Politics. 3/3/23.

Kennedy knows he was born into American political royalty and he wouldn’t be showing up to snowy New Hampshire in early March just for the hell of it. I could feel the stirring in his soul, because I too have that stirring. In 2023 it has become a matter of controversy to simply state truth, facts, logic and reason. It’s no surprise other members of his family and the legacy mockingbird media brand him as being crazy, fringe and outside the mainstream. It’s because he’s hitting a real nerve with the power elite. They loathe him for speaking truthfully about the disgusting reality that big pharma owns the very “media” that’s supposed to hold it accountable. Along with the murky defense contractors who dictate policy to their lackeys on The Hill and never saw a war they didn’t love nor couldn’t profit from.

The American people are fed up with the lies, corruption, deceit and cowardice that is now synonymous with holding elected office. RFK Jr. is just one man, but he is a man with a powerful message, movement and pedigree behind him. 1968 wasn’t so long ago. Perhaps it is time for a Kennedy to make a heroic run for The White House to bring back the ideals, passion and dedication to justice that his father and uncle before him evoked. Are we ready for it? I know I am.

Reprinted with permission from Jackman Radio Podcast.
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