Friday, December 2, 2022

George Orwell, Call Your Venezuelan Office

By Jacob G. Hornberger - December 02, 2022 at 09:56AM


It appears that the American people are being prepared for a change of mindsets. After many years of treating Venezuela as an enemy, opponent, adversary, competitor, and rival, it seems that US officials are now changing course and paving the way toward converting Venezuela to a friend, partner, and ally. 

George Orwell, please call your office in Venezuela. Now that the American people will be expected to abandon the deep hostility toward Venezuela that has long been inculcated in them, there is a strong likelihood that the US will also change its attitudes toward Eastasia and Eurasia.

Apparently the driving force behind this new change in policy is oil. The Biden administration is hoping to curry favor with the Maduro regime in the hopes that new supplies of oil can bring down the prices of that commodity. In that way, Biden can get people to see that he’s “fighting inflation,” without having to focus on the Federal Reserve’s longtime police of monetary debauchery.

Of course, this leaves Juan Guaidó out in no man’s land. He’s that Venezuelan guy that US officials have long claimed is the real president of Venezuela, even though he’s never won an election for president. Apparently their reasoning is that White House personnel, along with select members of the Pentagon and the CIA, held an election amongst themselves in which they overwhelmingly elected Guaidó president of Venezuela. But now it seems like they’re dropping him like a hot potato in exchange for oil.

Expect the Biden administration to ease up on some of the brutal US sanctions that target the Venezuelan people with death and suffering. Their aim was regime change, but they obviously have never succeeded in ousting Maduro or his predecessor Hugo Chavez from power. Along with Maduro’s socialist system, they did succeed, however, in inflicting death and suffering on the Venezuelan people, as reflected by the large number of Venezuelan immigrants who have come to the United States in the hopes of saving their lives. 

Meanwhile, Americans are expected to continue their long-time hatred of the regime in Cuba and to loyally and faithfully continue supporting the 60-year-old economic embargo against the Cuban people. Just because US officials are changing directions on one socialist regime doesn’t mean that they are changing directions on another one. Just because we’re now told to embrace Eastasia doesn’t mean that we should also embrace Eurasia. We need to monitor the media to see how we are supposed to be feeling toward foreign regimes.

This deadly and destructive inanity is all part of America’s foreign policy of interventionism. It should be brought to an immediate end. 

First of all, the federal government has no business whatsoever inflicting death and suffering on innocent people as a way to achieve a political goal. All sanctions and embargoes should be lifted and never imposed again against anyone. 

Second, the US government should butt out of the internal affairs of Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and everywhere else. 

Third, the US government should immediately cease its program of state-sponsored assassinations, torture, and indefinite detention. Let’s leave those things to communist and totalitarian regimes. 

Fourth, no more invasions, occupations, coups, wars of aggression, ginning up crises, NATO and other entangling alliances, and undeclared wars.

Fifth, abandon all foreign military bases and bring all troops home and discharge them. They are not necessary. 

Finally, the US government should terminate all restrictions on the freedom of the American people — i.e., the private sector — to interact with the people of the world.

If we were to take those steps, we would be well on our way toward restoring liberty, peace, prosperity, and harmony with the people of the world. And we would no longer have to look to Washington to determine whether we are supposed to be friends with Venezuela, Eastasia, or anyone else. 

Reprinted with permission from Future of Freedom Foundation.



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