Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ukraine: The Propaganda Wars

By Daniel McAdams - February 26, 2022 at 05:12PM


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The media and the war machine (or do I repeat myself?) want us to take sides in the Russo/Ukraine war. To those of us with long histories in military conflicts in which the US foreign policy establishment, media, and military have an interest, the terms are always framed as white hats and black hats - and you had better choose a side! 

"Are you on the side of FREEDOM or are you a puppet of [insert Hitler proxy here]?"

You must take a side. (In fact you must choose the side the Beltway blob wants you to choose).

The US government never fights in the self-interest of the elites. It only fights (directly and by proxy) for the freedom and liberation of others. If you doubt that you are un-American. History started when they tell you it started. Never mind about the past or how US intervention created the circumstances that led to whatever horrible outcome we witness.

The Iraqis would greet us as liberators, we were told. They will love our bombs. Likewise the Libyans once their leader is knife-raped to death. And then of course the Syrians once our al-Qaeda "moderate" head-choppers are put in charge. The rest of the world is so so grateful that the omniscient Washington foreign policy elites can choose their fate for them. Surely they are too foolish to decide for themselves!

Ironically, as the US government and its obedient media were hysterically telling us we must demand Russian blood for their attack on a Ukraine that had not attacked them first, the US government that same day bombed a Somalia that had not attacked it first. And let's not even talk about the horrific Saudi genocide (with full US support) in Yemen.

With one voice the US media, political elites, and brainwashed sheeple scream out: "You can't just go and attack a country that hasn't attacked you!!!" And the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and yes even Afghanistan scratch their heads in wonder at the ignorance, hypocrisy, and cynicism.

Like an alcoholic may occasionally get a moment of clarity, a politician may sometimes get a moment of honesty. California US Congressman and lead "Russiagate" conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff, spilled the beans in a 2020 speech:
The US uses Ukraine to fight Russia, but then when Russia fights back we have to pour all our vodka into the street and launch WWIII.

The US military-industrial-media-Congressional complex that is behind this disastrous policy knows well, however, that war brings bigger dividends:
This is not a WHATABOUT column, however. It's just to point out how manipulated Americans are by the unholy partnership between government, Washington parasitical elites, and the media.

Perhaps the only thing worse are the third-tier flunkies who do their bidding in international organizations.

Yesterday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO countries were going to send more weapons to Ukraine. Brilliant! Bureaucrats, especially stupid ones, always double down then their policies are shown to be failures.

As one report quoted the failed Swedish politico/NATO chief: 
'We see rhetoric, the messages, which is strongly indicating that the aim is to remove the democratically-elected government in Kiev,' he announced after a meeting with NATO leaders.
What? NATO must send weapons to Ukraine because Russia is attempting to remove its democratically-elected government? How dare they! Don't they know that's OUR job?

Here's the side we should be on in Ukraine and everywhere else: non-intervention in the affairs of others. Today's Ukraine nightmare is the product of a US foreign policy that overthrew not one, but two elected Ukrainian governments because the people chose a president that Washington's pampered elites didn't like.

As I wrote in an article yesterday, one thing we can take with us from Russia actually doing what it long said it would do if Ukraine was armed by hostile governments and pulled toward NATO membership is that:
Whether America and the EU like it or not, the era of 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality' is well and truly over. Its end is not to be mourned but to be celebrated. The only pro-America foreign policy is non-intervention in the affairs of others.
Yes, this is a good thing and it should be celebrated. Don't worry - it's not un-patriotic to applaud an authentically pro-America foreign policy! Now is the time to demand a change in how things are done. It does not weaken the US to decide to not meddle in the affairs of others. On the contrary, we are strengthened by shrugging off the burden of (very badly) running the rest of the globe.

Unless anyone believes we are stronger by burning one trillion dollars for the US military empire each and every year.

Let's ask the truckers and the waiters and the welders of America how they like billions of their hard-earned  dollars laundered to the ultra-rich Beltway elites through corrupt regimes abroad. Foreign aid is falsely perceived as a plate of rice and beans to a motherless child in a war-torn hellhole. The reality is that foreign aid is that which re-models all the bathrooms in million dollars mansions in McLean VA and its evil environs.

Gold plated Beltway toilets. The ignoble flotsam of the corrupt US empire.

from Peace and Prosperity


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