Saturday, January 15, 2022

The COVID Mania era highlights the shortcomings of democracy

By Jordan Schachtel - January 15, 2022 at 09:54AM


Democracy will not protect us.

If the era of COVID Mania has showcased one thing about democracy, it’s that the system we were brought up to worship and instinctively defend is no guarantor of our rights whatsoever. Far from securing our liberties, pure or representational democratic systems — as the foundation of over 100 governments — has instead been used in this era as a cudgel to impose totalitarianism on the masses.
With so many of the world’s “democracies” transforming into some of the worst examples of full-blown COVID tyranny, our present time reminds us of the inherent weaknesses of majority rule systems. I’m not saying that the answer lies in embracing some communist or fascistic nonsense, but we need to stop relying on the concept of democracy as some kind of magical solution to our current problems.

We are now two years into this global authoritarian “great reset,” and much of it has been imposed upon us with the eager consent of the governed. Surveys show that the COVID police states in Australia and New Zealand have long had the majority support of the people. Left wing enclaves in the United States, such as New York City and San Francisco, have imposed discriminatory movement pass systems, and they have been cheered on by the locals. Democracy in action.
In reality, almost all of this authoritarian nonsense is being ordered and enforced by democratically elected representatives and bureaucrats who they’ve empowered.

Thanks to decades-long indoctrination campaigns in the Western world, so many of us have accepted, without question, the idea that a representative democracy is the preferred system to secure our freedoms. Yet when put to the test in the era of COVID Mania, democracy has catastrophically failed to secure anything for us but a completely unchecked ruling class that is more than happy to accommodate these one-person, one-vote delusions of empowerment. Meanwhile, the people in charge continue to elevate themselves to greater positions of authority and power.

The American founding fathers, in their incredible learned wisdom, often stressed the importance of “unalienable rights,” or a set of foundational rights that are impossible to rescind from human beings. Some of us arrive upon the security of these individual rights standards through a higher power, while others prefer their security through a standard of human reason.

What separates America today — or at least select pockets of the United States — from the rest of the Anglosphere (which includes United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) is this continuing commitment to individual rights, and their protection through our Second Amendment rights.

Democratically-elected officials have no mandate to take away our rights. We have much higher moral standards than democracy. We must continue to insist upon the protection of our unalienable, individual rights above all else.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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