Saturday, January 8, 2022

Aiding Biden's attack on American rights, Supreme Court justices peddle endless streams of COVID misinformation

By Jordan Schachtel - January 08, 2022 at 10:17AM


In defending the Biden regime's relentless attacks on our unalienable rights, liberal Supreme Court justices spent the day peddling COVID misinformation. Check out the masquerade on display today at the US Supreme Court.

This is a crowd that is unanimously triple vaxxed, and they had to get a negative test just to get inside of the building. Yet here they are, in Washington, D.C., accommodating the mask religion. The artist’s rendering of the day perfectly captured the commitment to the truck load of false COVID narratives that were on display Friday.

I’m not sure how the Supreme Court is going to vote on the Biden regime’s OSHA rule (reports seem to suggest that the administration is NOT going to get their way), but I was repeatedly struck by how these men and women of supposed great wisdom and intellect were unable to showcase a grasp of basic information related to COVID Mania. In fact, every liberal justice was trafficking in provable misinformation.

I’ve compiled a list of horribly incorrect assessments and assertions that were touted by the black-robed men and women that sit on our nation’s highest court. Here’s but a handful of their uninformed takes.

Justice Sotomayor overstates children’s COVID hospitalizations by over 700x.
[Keep in mind that the aforementioned numbers show children hospitalized *with* COVID]

Justice Sotomayor falsely attests that COVID deaths and hospitalizations are at an all time high.
Justice Breyer claims, in Bidenesque fashion, that there are currently 750 million COVID cases in America.
Justice Breyer suggests vaccine and mask mandates would bring COVID-19 cases to zero, despite the data from so many countries making clear that these two “tools” do virtually nothing at all to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Justice Kagan, speaking in the rhetorical form of a climate change hoaxer, says the science is “settled” that COVID shots and masks stop the spread, despite zero evidence proving her assertion. Kagan then declared that vaccines stop transmission, repeating the now proven lies that were advanced by the likes of Dr Fauci and Big Pharma.
Justice Kavanaugh, seems, confused…
The GOP appointed justices were not exactly champing at the bit to inform their liberal colleagues. In fact, they seemed to have accepted many of the false premises of their fellow justices.

Justice Thomas proved the exception to the fecklessness, becoming the one justice to challenge the core premises both for the mandates and for the narratives behind the pharmaceutical products themselves.
Looking at this a different way, it might very well be healthy for the Supreme Court’s aura of incredible wisdom seeing a challenge here. These untouchables — similar to federal bureaucrats in the pre-COVID era — receive far too much blind trust from the public at large. 

Meanwhile, the triple vaxxed lawyers arguing against the OSHA rule have tested positive for COVID-19, proving in real time how any vax mandates would be laughably ineffective and purely draconian.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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