Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pushing Mandates and Fear while Suppressing Self-help and Strength in the Coronavirus Panic

By Adam Dick - March 18, 2021 at 02:53PM


There are plenty of things people can do on their own to protect themselves from coronavirus, as well as many other health threats. Self-help has long been one of the most important avenues to enhancing health and countering illness. It works fine without the need to rely on any government edicts such as stay at home orders, business shutdown and capacity limit orders, social distancing and mask mandates, and vaccine passport requirements.

Politicians, bureaucrats, and big money media people have repeatedly pushed a different course over the last year, telling people over and over during the coronavirus panic to “wear a mask,” “keep six feet distance,” “stay home,” and “take the vaccine.” These demands all fall in line with increasing government power at the expense of freedom and, especially in the case of vaccines, pursuing huge government spending programs that benefits powerful special interests.

In contrast, we hardly ever hear politicians, bureaucrats, and big money media saying we should “take vitamins,” “eat healthier foods,” “lose weight,” or “get enough sleep.” Why not? All these actions can help people improve their health, including by strengthening their immune systems’ ability to protect them from coronavirus. As a bonus, a person with improved health and immune system will be in a better position to fend off other diseases and to enjoy life more fully.

Maybe the reason government and big money media tend to keep mum about such self-help health actions is that people will be less susceptible to fearmongering and more adverse to freedom-crushing mandates supposedly purposed to advance “public health” if they know they can take actions on their own to deal with coronavirus and other health threats.

Still, wishing for government to step in as a health self-help advocate is a wish we would likely regret if we could foresee its fruition. The scene in the movie 1984 in which a dominating exercise coach appears on Winston Smith’s home telescreen and hectors him through morning exercises comes to mind when I think about what government would do given the task of helping us improve our health and immune systems. Better to keep government out altogether. The tendency toward tyranny is too hard to resist.

One of the most prolific and informative communicators about actions people can take to enhance their health and counter various ailments is Joseph Mercola. Mercola, who is a doctor, has over the last year given much of his attention to advising people regarding how they can prepare their bodies to resist sickness from coronavirus, as well as how they can take actions to counter a coronavirus infection. Mercola has presented this information through many articles and his Stop Covid Cold website.

But, Mercola, a champion of enhancing health and suppressing coronavirus, is not welcomed and promoted by the coronavirus crackdown proponents in government and big money media. They don’t like that he stand up for freedom and in opposition to authoritarian tactics such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports imposed in the name of countering coronavirus. Mercola has also been challenging head-on the new dominant push of the crackdown proponents — that everyone should take the experimental coronavirus vaccines, which Mercola explains are not even really vaccines under the normal meaning of the term.

The fearmongers in government and media are also not so keen on Mercola’s message in favor of personal empowerment. Mercola has not been repeating the message that people should hide in their homes and behind masks, while shunning normal personal interactions. Mercola has been, instead, a voice for people taking charge of their own actions and of their own health. You can take actions to protect yourself against coronavirus and other health threats is his message. Mercola dares to declare that people should not live in dire fear of coronavirus that is not even a major health threat to most people.

More brave, informed people is bad news for the coronavirus crackdown and those who profit from it.

Mercola is a threat to the newly emerged yet already large coronavirus-industrial complex that extends through areas including pharmaceuticals, medical testing, masks, media, surveillance, and law enforcement. Thus, it should be little surprise that there is an effort to silence him. Indeed, the effort against Mercola is quite strong as he explains in three recent articles—“FDA Warns Dr. Mercola to Stop Writing About Vitamin D,” “The Web of Elite Extremists Behind Censorship of Mercola,” and “Top Dr. Mercola Videos Banned by Google.”

The attack on Mercola’s ability to communicate is yet another example of the great danger from the coronavirus crackdown. Free speech and the information people desire to aid them in advancing their own health and happiness are being targeted for destruction by people seeking to impose a dystopian “new normal” on us under a health-promotion pretext. Mercola’s plight is a clear demonstration of the aphorism libertarian communicator Ron Paul mentions on occasion: “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”

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