Friday, January 18, 2019

Russian Homeschoolers 'Upending' US Democracy by Networking With American Homeschoolers Says Clinton Linked Foundation

By Charles Bausman - January 18, 2019 at 03:55PM

Alexey Komov (right) and homeschooling activist Michael Donnelly plotting to destroy America

This is very funny. The Center for American Progress (Wikipedia) is a major liberal foundation, basically, a front organization for the Clinton machine, which is now searching for a reason to exist. Major funders include Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation, and the United Arab Emirates. They have a news site, ThinkProgress, which ran an "investigation" headed by this intellectual heavyweight, Casey Michel.

Casey writes a lot about how Russia is undermining US democracy by "infiltrating" American conservative networks, and he's VERY worried about it.

He quotes an "expert" who says that homeschoolers are often "Christofascists", and cites me, whom he describes as "rabidly anti-semitic", linking to a Daily Beast article. He finds it alarming that I ran a favorable article about a big pro-Christian homeschooling conference recently held in St. Petersburg. It was written by Father Joseph Gleason, the American editor of Russian Faith who homeschooled his 8 children. Michel frets that Russian Faith, which I publish, is "Kremlin linked", whatever that means.

Do read all about this frightening development that threatens the very foundations of our great Republic. Russian Christian homeschoolers are flourishing, and networking with and benefiting from the experience of Americans who have developed excellent Christian curriculums, books, and study materials. We can't have that now, can we! Shut it down!

One of our staff wrote an excellent informative article about the phenomenon last February, and we did it without accepting millions of dollars from Arabs. Michel worries about my good friend Alexey Komov, who is homeschooling his 5 children, who set up a venture to translate American homeschooling materials into Russian. Michel intones ominously that Alexey "speaks fluent English"! Sounds like a nefarious plot to me.

Incidentally, if you dear reader, want to meet some of the people mentioned in this article; Mr. Komov, Father Dmitry Smirnov (a wonderful man and one of the most beloved figures in Russia - I've even been a guest on his popular TV show, twice), Brian Brown, Father Gleason, and many others like Dr. Steve Turley, and yours truly, then join us all at the World Congress of Families Conference in Verona, Italy, March 29 - 31. You might even meet Mr. Michel, who will no doubt be continuing his 'investigation'!

I hope he interviews me, for I could tell him quite a few absolutely terrifying things about how much American and Russian Christian conservatives have in common, and how much they are talking. Turley recently discussed the conference at length on his popular YouTube show, which I recommend highly. Come to think of it, Turley homeschooled his 4 children too, and he's Orthodox!. The plot thickens! Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is the headliner. Watch this space for more information about this fantastic conference.

Michel's article goes on in this vein at quite some length. Honestly Mr. Gates, don't your have better things to spend your money on? I thought you were all about making the world a better, not a dumber place. 

Read the entire thing here (scroll down). Take it away Casey!

Reprinted with permission from Russia Insider.

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