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Libya: Seven Years of Failed Western Diplomacy

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The approaching seventh anniversary of the "Libyan revolution," (where the celebratory date was last week arbitrarily moved to the 18th of February -- a bit like moving the 4th of July to the 8th) under what a majority of Libyans feel is an illegitimate, solely UN appointed government headed by a man not elected but chosen by foreigners, Prime Minister, Fayez Serraj, is a good time to reflect on the past seven years of abject failure of the West, UN, EU, and NATO in Libya.

At least the new French "boy" President had the honesty to declare recently that it was "a mistake" to remove Gaddafi from power. Most of the other countries involved who led the charge for regime change continue their delusional reflection of the good that has been achieved by their decision.

The UK in particular should be singled out for exceptional hypocrisy because of its insistence that the regime change in 2011 that followed the military action with NATO was a great success.

If polled, most Libyans will not be in any way celebrating the anniversary on now the 18th of February of their "revolution." Quite the opposite. 

That the UK should not admit the disastrous decision to "change" yet another leader of a sovereign nation, Libya, only says they, and America, are willing to participate in similar future follies in places like Syria, Iran, or Venezuela to name a few potential candidates for their continued enthusiasm for regime change.

But to refuse to learn from past mistakes is the ultimate in stupidity and will only mean that this crop of mediocre, sub-standard, inept Western leaders we have will inevitably send us into yet further wars in 2018 -- as if the 15 or so current conflicts directly or indirectly supported by Britain and America and its allies are not enough.

Have these politicians in the West no remorse, regret, or indeed shame for their failed military adventures? Obviously not.

Perhaps it suffices just to let the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office describe their idiosyncratic beliefs that are completely contradicted by reality or rational argument -- a symptom of what can only be described as a collective mental disorder.

So read their words and form your own judgement.
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Libya in February 2018

Mr Frank Baker will take up his appointment as Ambassador to Libya in February 2018.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:
The UK is at the forefront of diplomatic work with the Libyan government (Authors note: Which Libyan Government?) and our international partners to help bring stability to Libya. If left unchecked the violence and ungoverned space will only increase the challenges from illegal migration and terrorism. These are issues that matter to the people of Libya, but also to people here in the UK.

Frank has served the UK well as our ambassador to Iraq (Authors Note: a place where another successful regime change occurred...or perhaps not). I look forward to working together with him to help Libya make progress towards the political solution and more secure future it so deserves.
Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Baker said:
I am honoured to be the new British Ambassador to Libya. 

Britain and Libya have a long history.

Over the coming weeks I will listen to and learn from people across Libya and discuss how we can work together to achieve our common interests.
The vast majority of Libyan people would probably respond to him something like this:

“We don’t have weeks for your ‘on the job learning’ and by the way, please leave our country so we can solve our own problems.”

It is now abundantly clear that if there is to be any foreign involvement towards bringing peace to Libya it would not come from UN or EU efforts. The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), the UK, and Europe’s plans for Libya are dead and gone for all realistic intents and purposes. They just haven’t bothered yet to organise the funeral.

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