Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ten Years Ago The Real Tea Party Was Born...And It Continues Today!

By Daniel McAdams - December 30, 2017 at 05:20PM


Recently an article on Lew Rockwell's blog reminded us of that fateful day, ten years ago this month, when the real Tea Party was launched. It signaled the Ron Paul rebellion in the Republican Party ranks but it also demonstrated the massive appeal of the peace candidate.

The GOP stalwarts were not about to give up power to a movement driven by so many young and energetic new voices so by hook or by crook they put forth the warmongering neocon, Sen. John McCain, who ran on a platform of more wars.

The "peace candidate" Barack Obama, who borrowed more than a few themes from Ron Paul speeches, was the Democratic Party nominee and Americans voted for peace. McCain and the war party suffered an ignominious defeat. 

When Ron Paul ran four years later to even more acclaim, the GOP struck again. That time they overtly manipulated the process, colluding with the mainstream media to minimize the reach of his powerful message. They nominated the warmongering Mitt Romney and even though the bloom had faded from President Obama's antiwar rose, America still voted for some hope that US foreign policy would change. Another defeat for the GOP.

After these two GOP presidential runs, Ron Paul accelerated his campaign for a peaceful foreign policy, a defense of this country rather than a self-destructive role as globo-cop, and a roll-back of the Orwellian police state at home. 

Ten years later Ron Paul's mission is embodied in his Institute for Peace and Prosperity, which celebrates its five-year anniversary in 2018.

In these five years, the Ron Paul Institute has established itself as an essential source for news and analysis from a non-interventionist perspective; has put on three major, sold-out conferences highlighting the benefits of changing our foreign policy; produces the daily live broadcast, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, which has been viewed more than ten million times; has published two terrific Ron Paul books; and provides hundreds of international media appearances per year!

All that on a shoestring budget!

We are the continuation of The Ron Paul Revolution -- a revolution not on the streets but in the minds. Washington will change when enough Americans demand that it changes. Wars will end when the people demand that they end. We are making that happen.

But without your support our great momentum will cease, the warmongers will win, there will be no alternative to the neocons' dystopian future of war and death. 

Your end-of-year, tax-deductible contribution to the Ron Paul Institute will put a little less of your money into the pockets of the Beltway war industry which creates so much misery and resentment overseas. Wouldn't you rather have your hard-earned money go to help build a sustainable future for yourself, your children, your grandchildren?

Please make your donation today and help us keep the momentum moving forward. Everything you give goes straight to Ron Paul's peace mission and not a penny goes to waste.

Wars and rumors of wars are multiplying almost every day. North Korea? Iran? Where will they threaten next? We can put a stop to it together. Please help us continue to agitate and to educate.

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