Thursday, December 14, 2017

'Everyone is Worried About War'

By Daniel McAdams - December 14, 2017 at 03:35PM


Are you worried about war? We are.
Iran, North Korea, Russia. Every day we feel we might wake up to hear that the missiles have been launched.
Ron Paul created his Institute for Peace and Prosperity in 2013 to be an uncompromising voice opposing war and war propaganda.
Many of the Beltway think tanks preaching foreign policy "restraint" are really all about compromise, because they believe if they remain true to principles they will not be “relevant.”
Relevant to whom? Relevant to the interventionist policymakers who have created a gold mine for themselves at the expense of the rest of us. They believe they can influence Washington to turn away from war if they soft-pedal the issues and concede their principles.
How is that working out? Has Congress – with a few exceptions that prove the rule – even bothered to whisper about endless undeclared and unauthorized wars?
Did you see that the Pentagon has recently admitted that it has 44,000 troops on "unknown" deployments worldwide? Forget about trying to get Congress to declare war, they don’t even care any longer where we are at war!
No, the path away from neocon dominance of US foreign policy does not run through Washington.
According to a recent press report, the three counties in the Washington suburbs of northern Virginia are again found to be the richest in the entire country.
Why? Largely due to the fact that they are ground zero for the military-industrial complex. This is where the unholy alliance of the war machine, policymakers, and think tankers manufacture external threats to justify their lavish lifestyles.
Do you think they are going to give up all that because a Beltway think tank politely suggests that a little less war might be a good idea?
The military-industrial complex is a vampire sucking the lifeblood out of our economy. And it destroys our moral basis in the process.
There is a path forward and we are charting it. As Ron Paul says, our policies will change when the hearts and minds of the American people change. That change will not come about at the behest of mealy-mouthed Beltway think tanks. It will only happen under the leadership of an uncompromising and consistent voice for change. A voice for peace beyond Left and Right. A new coalition.
That voice for peace is the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Your financial support turns up the volume knob on that voice. It enables us to reach ever more Americans who are fed up with our foreign policy but who are not sure where to turn.
Our movement does not aim to change Washington from the top down. Our movement empowers Americans to force Washington to change whether it likes it or not.

Many of you are thinking about where to direct your year-end charitable contributions so as to achieve the maximum effect while also reaping the tax benefits of supporting a non-profit organization. I hope you will consider the Ron Paul Institute.

We have broadcast nearly one thousand episodes of our daily Ron Paul Liberty Report. The program has been viewed ten million times! We publish more than one thousand carefully curated articles per year making the case for non-interventionism! We have published three fantastic books, including recently Ron Paul's "The Revolution at Ten Years." Our staff and advisors are in the international media hundreds of times per year making the case that a peaceful foreign policy brings greater prosperity. We have a steady record of sold-out, blockbuster conferences under our belts -- including two this year!

We understand that your every dollar must be used to the maximum benefit. We have no lavish digs. No concierge. No cocktail parties. We are about hard work and getting the biggest bang for our supporters' bucks.

I am going to be honest with you: unlike our Beltway competitors, we don't have an endless gravy train chugging along fat with military industrial dollars. We operate on a shoestring and depend on your financial vote of confidence. Do you think peace is worth supporting? Are you worried about your future and that of your children and grandchildren as war looms like a dark cloud above us?

Will you help us survive for another year? Help us expand our efforts to new and exciting programs and events? Trust me, we have plenty of incredible plans. But if they are not funded, they will wither on the vine.

Ron Paul's movement is alive and well, regardless of what the mainstream media would like you to believe. Please help us to continue our steady growth. Please invest in America's future!

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