Friday, April 26, 2024

Genocide games: Srebrenica gambit and reigniting the Bosnian War

By Nebojsa Malic - April 26, 2024 at 08:29AM

The UN General Assembly will soon be presented with a draft resolution declaring July 11 the “International Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide,” referring to events that allegedly took place in 1995.

Germany and Rwanda supposedly decided on their own to dredge up this episode from the Bosnian War at this particular time for no particular reason whatsoever. Considering that Rwanda is best known for a genocide that took place in 1994, while Germany’s conduct during WW2 caused the very term to be coined, the choice of sponsors seems strange – until one realizes that the ultimate source of “their” is the United States.

At first glance, the timing of this makes no sense. It’s not July, and even if it were, why the 29th anniversary in particular? One theory goes that the Globalist American Empire (GAE) and its vassals insist on the resolution now because of a recent actual milestone anniversary – of the NATO attack on then-Yugoslavia, now Serbia, in 1999; a clear-cut act of aggression that has underpinned the “rules-based world order” ever since.

The other possibility is that the US and its vassals are trying to deflect attention from Israel’s conduct in Gaza, while offering “proof” to the Muslim world of their virtue on the example of Bosnia – just as they originally intended in the 1990s.

Note that the original gambit backfired horribly, radicalizing tens of thousands of jihadists around the world who bought the story of how there was a genocide in Bosnia and how the West was too slow to intervene. Propaganda intended to shame the American public into giving up their Cold War “peace dividend” ended up escaping the control of its creators and delivered 9/11 and the War on Terror instead.

Genocide is about the worst thing anyone could be accused of. It’s an extraordinary claim, that one would think requires extraordinary evidence as well. In the case of Srebrenica, however, that rule has never been applied.

The facts of the case seem to matter not at all. The GAE never cared about the sectarian war launched by an Islamist fanatic and apologist for the Waffen-SS; or the 28th Division of the “Army of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina,” stationed in the supposedly demilitarized “UN safe area” that had raided the nearby Serb villages for years. Or how many of its members actually died in July 1995, where, and under what circumstances.

All of those things were simply asserted by a sham “tribunal” – one the GAE and its vassals openly and repeatedly admitted to be an instrument of their power – and then accepted as a given by the International Court of Justice, without any examination whatsoever. That said, the ICJ unequivocally and completely rejected the lawsuit by “Bosnia-Herzegovina” accusing Serbia of genocide, including in Srebrenica.

Narratives never die if they are useful, though. Almost 30 years after the Bosnian War ended, it’s being revived for the same exact purpose: helping the GAE. In the minds of the narrative managers, the US gets to be the white knight, Germany and Rwanda get to launder their bloody past, Muslims of the world get to have a genocide of their own – just not Gaza! – and all of this gets to happen on the backs of the Serbs, whom the Empire designated “little Russians” back in the ‘90s and tagged them as the scapegoat on the altar of its ascension.

Bosnia is being sacrificed, as well. In the zeal to get the “Srebrenica genocide” resolution passed, the Bosnian Muslims unilaterally usurped the foreign ministry and the UN mission to claim it has official state support. This kind of running roughshod over the Serbs and Croats is precisely why the war broke out in 1992. The Dayton Peace Agreement, more or less imposed by the US in 1995, managed to keep the guns silent for almost 30 years. Now it’s being rapidly unraveled, with the full-throated support of the US, EU and a failed German politician Christian Schmidt, illegitimately styling himself the “high representative of the international community” and lording it over the supposedly independent state like a colonial viceroy.

The “Srebrenica genocide” gambit is so transparent, it has been called out by Simon Wiesenthal Center director Efraim Zuroff – as well as the Iranian ambassador to Serbia.

“The charge of genocide should not be made lightly nor without irrefutable evidence and broad agreement that reflects the gravity of such an accusation,” Zuroff wrote in the Jerusalem Post on April 17. Declaring Srebrenica a genocide at the UNGA “not only breaks from tradition but may also dilute the term’s significance,” he added.

Two days later, in an interview on Serbian TV, Ambassador Rashid Hassan Pour Baei argued that the resolution was “being used as a political instrument” to attack Serbia for being independent and sovereign, as well as to deflect attention from the carnage in Gaza. The ambassador also pointed out that if the UNGA can be used to label people as genocidal, that can – and will – be used against anyone.

The “rules-based order” the GAE insists on means that it and its vassals can never be held to even their own standards, while everyone else gets to be subjected to global anarcho-tyranny. The Serbs found this out in the 1990s. The rest of the world took a little longer, but has by and large arrived at the same conclusion by now.

If the Empire and its helpers manage to ram this cynical resolution through the UNGA, it would be poetic justice to see them hoisted by their own petard a few weeks or months later, as everyone with a grievance against Washington – or one of its allies – claims genocide. Sure, that’s not the kind of democracy the rulers of Our Democracy want or like, but they started the war – and in war, the other side also gets a vote.

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