Monday, November 7, 2022

Fauci Seethes Over ‘Terrible’ Booster Uptake, Blames 'Lies and Misinformation'

By Jordan Schachtel - November 07, 2022 at 12:07AM


Speaking at an awards ceremony over the weekend, retiring government bureaucrat Anthony Fauci expressed his dismay over the fact that Americans seem entirely uninterested in getting the latest Pfizer and Moderna booster shots.

"We have a COVID vaccine and a booster that is matched very well to the circulating virus and yet only about 15% of people who have been vaccinated have gotten the boost, that is terrible," Fauci raged, like a pharma rep who failed to meet his sales quota. "We've got to do better than that."
In total, only about 7% of all Americans have taken the new shot, according to the CDC.

The boosters were only tested on mice, but approved for emergency use through the FDA’s rubber stamp partnership with Pfizer and Moderna.

There is no evidence that the boosters do anything beneficial to help combat Covid-19. Recent studies by both Columbia and Harvard found that the new boosters are no more effective than the old expired mRNA shots. Pfizer, which obviously has a conflict of interest in the matter, has released its own “study” claiming otherwise.

At the event, Fauci paradoxically received a humanitarian award named after Muhammad Ali, the anti-establishment, counter culture boxing icon who was persecuted by career government bureaucrats like Fauci for his refusal to serve in Vietnam. Fauci, for his part, avoided the draft by joining the NIH.
In his acceptance speech, the disgruntled bureaucrat expressed his disgust with Americans who refuse to follow Government Health orders.

“I want to encourage the young people here today but really throughout this country to reject a key ill that is currently tearing apart civil society,” he started.

“What I refer to as the normalization of untruths. Put more bluntly, the normalization of lies that we see all around us. Now, helped along by social media, facts and falsehoods now coexist as sometimes equals, deliberately sowing confusion and discord, and distorting reality,” he continued. “It is easy to become so inured to the ubiquity of misinformation that we simply accept it.”

Speaking of lies and misinformation…
Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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