Saturday, November 12, 2022

Conservative Candace Owens Crashes Ukraine War Party

By Daniel McAdams - November 13, 2022 at 12:02AM


It's weak to start with a disclaimer, but I am afraid I have no choice. I have no cable and I do not watch mainstream media at all. I find a few clips here and there. So I do not pretend to operate with the totality of available information at my fingertips. And I do not doubt that many will send eloquent counter-arguments for what I am about to write. Additionally I do not follow mainstream conservatism or liberalism - or neo-liberalism - because I find it all to be mostly vapid and worthless. But that is not the point. The point is moving the great middle in one direction or another and that is why I write the following.

From what I have seen of conservative commentator Candace Owens I have found her to be an extremely intelligent quick-thinker who develops and delivers comments, quips, and retorts as if from an automatic weapon. She stands her ground and comes armed with facts to back up her positions.

She has taken some risky positions, which is rare among political commentators on the Left and Right (as they most often resemble cookie cutters or tin soldiers). Though she has walked back her association with the controversial Kanye West as he trod unwaveringly upon all the third rails, she did not throw her former-billionaire friend completely under the bus nor did she grovel for forgiveness vowing that she did not know the man, as did Peter with Jesus. 

That is why I was so pleasantly surprised to see her appear on Tucker Carlson - himself happy to often color outside the lines - to denounce the seemingly bottomless pit that is US financial support for Ukraine and its president, the "former" NC-17 comedic actor Vladimir Zelensky.

On Carlson's show, Owens made the excellent point that just one day after the ignominious US retreat from Afghanistan - where we left billions in advanced weapons behind - the Biden Administration announced that it was teaming up with European partners to push for Ukraine's accession to NATO.

As Owens put it:
We left one money-laundering operation in which we gave 50 billion of American taxpayers' hard-earned money and we jumped right into the next one. And how much money did we give Ukraine so far? 50 billion dollars! But that's not enough for this welfare queen. He wants to keep it coming. And that's what he is: President Zelensky is America's welfare queen.
Owens went on to claim, based on her reporting from Europe, that Ukrainian political leaders are benefitting from US handouts to purchase luxury property in Switzerland!

Take that, flag-waving and inflation-suffering middle America.

I have often pointed out that America's anti-American foreign policy at the hands of the US military-industrial complex will only really be challenged when blue-collar, middle America understands that US foreign policy has nothing to do with patriotism or keeping America safe from foreign threats, but is in fact - as Candace Owens puts it so well - a money-laundering scheme concocted by America's (mostly liberal) elites to pocket billions with the sleight of hand claim that said billions stolen from them will make them safe and vanquish the bad guys overseas.

Middle America who labors to pay for the "defense" of America would be shocked and dismayed at how leftish and "woke" are the people spending their money. They are San Francisco, not Brazoria. The Pentagon is far left wing, not pro-America. Duh! But wave your flag and stay asleep.

An overseas enemy is critical to this ponzi scheme and there has been a steady stream of "bad actors" hyped by the ruling classes in the US to play that role. Saddam, Milosevic, Gaddafi, Assad, Lukashenko, Putin, and so on and so on. None of these "bad guys" have ever expressed the will - nor did they ever have the means - to in any way harm the United States or its citizens. But nevertheless trillions have been burned up building up and then vanquishing these chimeras.

It is a scam.

Who benefits? Elites in the targeted countries, who find themselves at the receiving end of an endless pipeline of US dollars to do the bidding of Washington's liberal elite. And of course politicians and especially employees of the US military-industrial complex at home. Oh the mansions in McLean built from the sweat of coal miners in West Virginia who felt they were being patriotic supporting ever-increasing military budgets.

The fact is there is nothing patriotic or pro-American about bleeding America dry to make elites at home and abroad stinkingly rich and powerful.

Candace Owens had the guts on nationwide television - on America's most popular news program - to call out "Saint" Vladimir ("gimme gimme gimme") Zelensky as the welfare queen that he is. She is possibly wrong on many things from a pro-freedom perspective, but I don't care. This may shock some people, but the Ron Paul Institute is NOT a libertarian organization. It was founded with the explicit purpose of bringing together everyone of goodwill - from "far right" to "communist." From conservatives to liberals and progressives. For the purpose of promoting peace and prosperity by opposing endless conflict overseas to the benefit of the elites and endless Fed money printing at home for the benefit of the same elites.

We are for America. Thank you Candace Owens for your important pro-America efforts. We will invite you to join us on our program. Encourage her.

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