Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Elon and the Nazis

By Kurt Nimmo - October 18, 2022 at 09:36AM


The world’s richest man, Space X’s Elon Musk, has a problem. Musk’s Starlink, a low-orbit satellite internet connectivity system, is used free of charge by the Zelenskyy regime in Ukraine. The system is used to target and kill Russians, so naturally, Zelenskyy and his neo-Nazi proteges consider it essential.

Elon Musk is a lot like Donald Trump when it comes to geopolitics. He does not understand the complexities of the war and, like far too many westerners, especially Americans, apparently does not realize he is paying Nazis to kill not only Russian soldiers but also innocent ethnic Russians in Donbas and elsewhere in Ukraine.

Musk said the system is costing him $20 million a month in Ukraine. He thinks Ukraine, NATO, and the Pentagon (the US taxpayer) should pick up the tab. One does not remain the wealthiest man in the world by giving things away for free.

But Elon made a mistake. He went on Twitter and offered a few suggestions on how this completely avoidable war might find its end. This prompted the “diplomat” and “international lawyer,” blue check Andrij Melnyk, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, to respond in less than diplomatic fashion:
Mr. Melnyk is a defender of Ukrainian Nazis. During a visit to Poland, he callously defended the racist ethnic cleanser and Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera. Between 1943 and 1945, Bandera’s Nazi collaborators killed around 100,000 Poles in Volhynia, Eastern Galicia, parts of Polesia, and the Lublin region. The Polish government officially considers the massacres to be acts of genocide.

It should come as no surprise a defender of Nazis would bite the hand that feeds and would use obscenity in response to perfectly reasonable suggestions on ending the terror and murder in Ukraine.

Elon may be considered a genius in amassing money as a crony capitalist (his aerospace deals with the Pentagon are quite lucrative), but he appears virtually clueless when dealing with the Ukrainians. Melnyk’s crude response should have revealed the sort of person he is—an apologist for mass murder, a fanatical Ukrainian ultranationalist with the mouth and mentality of a rowdy soccer skinhead.

Musk did not seem very disturbed when ingrate Nazis, using his technology and money to kill Russians, included him on their notorious Myrotvorets death list:
Bartlett, an international journalist, said during a panel in September:
Returning to the issue of Myrotvorets, it’s absolutely appalling that a database like this exists, openly calling for the murders of people like myself, yourselves, 327 children, simply because we are speaking about Ukraine’s war crimes and we’re speaking about the corruption within Ukraine. This list presents a very real threat to Ukrainians themselves, not only to journalists and to people who are speaking out, but to Ukrainians within Ukraine proper. Many of these Ukrainians have already been disappeared or killed.
And it is absolutely appalling Elon Musk would offer his services to racist neo-Nazis determined to ethnically cleanse all people in Ukraine considered—as their Nazi German mentors called them—the “Untermenschen,” under-men, subhumans.

Of course, Musk is not worried about a Ukronazi assassin sneaking up and double-tapping him. The richest man in the world undoubtedly has a solid security team. But that can’t be said for Bartlett and other journalists on the death list.

After Musk said he can no longer fund the use of Starlink by Nazis, the Pentagon stepped in and within a day or so Musk did an about-face. He said the Ukrainians may continue to use the system free of charge. Keep in mind that Musk’s SpaceX makes a lot of money selling delivery rockets to the USG.
In the political Bizarro World of the West, democrats are the warmongers—and they expect us to give our money to Nazis and illegitimate politicians put in power through a USG-orchestrated coup. If we have issues paying for the artillery shelling of children and old ladies, it is obvious we’re all, down to the last man and woman, dupes for the autocrat Putin.
Demands by ignoramuses that they know best how a multi-billionaire should spend his money apparently no longer strike people as advocating theft, but rather a form of distorted and perverse patriotism.

That CNN would demand Musk contribute to the murder of children and pregnant women is hardly surprising. CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, et al., have pushed for illegal and immoral war since their hero, Barack Obama, and his vindictive secretary of state, overturned and neutralized the antiwar movement. Democrats who screamed George W. Bush was a war criminal a few short years before turned on a dime and cheered on the USG-NATO destruction of Libya, killing around 30,000 people.
Mr. Browder is a “blue check” hypocrite. His net worth is far less than that of Musk. He is worth a paltry $120 million. I’m not sure how much he has donated to the Ukronazi baby killers if anything. But that’s not the worst of his hypocrisy. Browder, as a member of the financial class (Hermitage Capital Management), was an investment advisor to the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia.

In other words, Browder made money dealing with Russians, now he wants to kill them. He wrote a book on how best to take down Vladimir Putin. In addition, he admits to “detailed conversations with officials at a high level in the Canadian government about how to react to this [and impose sanctions], as I have with the US government and with the British government.”

Does Musk even know he is assisting Nazis, the sort of people who bomb children? I’m not certain he does. His tweets and remarks reveal as much.

Browder does, if he is as familiar with the Russians as he claims (his father was born in Russia). How he can ignore the vicious behavior of murderous Nazis (and this from a man with Jewish heritage) who hate not only ethnic Russians, Poles, Jews, and other “subhumans” (as post-coup “prime minister” Arseniy Yatsenyuk, selected to lead by Victoria Nuland, said on its US embassy page since sanitized).


Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.
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