Monday, March 7, 2022

Americans have no obligation to sacrifice for the war in Ukraine

By Jordan Schachtel - March 07, 2022 at 12:37AM


Ukraine Mania is the successor to COVID Mania. No questions asked!

In March of 2020, we were told it was an act of incredible selfishness to want to continue to simply lives our as free human beings. COVID-19 was to be taken very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the ruling class told us that not taking COVID seriously (and adhering to the draconian edicts of politicians) meant you were a bad citizen, and likely complicit in the potential death of everyone’s grandma. This notion of collective sacrifice, due to COVID, became akin to gospel throughout the United States. Only a “selfish” lunatic bioterrorist would have the audacity to question the government’s COVID narrative, we were told. After all, the “experts” told us that collective sacrifice was the only way to spare millions of lives, and we must listen to the “experts” in order to make our way through the crisis.

Well, the rest is history. Many Americans saw two years pass — and millions of lives and livelihoods ruined — before the government lifted its tyrannical boot off of our necks.

Today, we are said to be facing another crisis. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and in order to prove yourself a good citizen, you must be made to sacrifice for the war in Ukraine. The “foreign policy experts” in D.C. and Brussels have united to demand your conscription to the Ukraine narrative. Instead of being complicit in the death of everyone’s grandma, Americans who challenge the war in Ukraine narrative are labeled sympathizers to Russian president Vladimir Putin. For the past week, your humble correspondent has been openly discussing the merits of heavily financing and aiding the war effort in a slavic scuffle between two very similar neighbors. And the schizophrenic reactions to my open questions bring me back to those days in March of 2020.


“Vlad and Trump approve of this message, MAGAt!”


I get it. The Ukraine situation is, like COVID Mania, an emotionally charged issue. And it is totally understandable and admirable to be sympathetic to the ongoing plight of Ukraine. But the Biden regime and its allies are quite clearly weaponizing this crisis to advance an agenda that departs far from the everyday interests of the American people.

Contrary to the propaganda being peddled by our ruling class, the war in Ukraine didn’t start last week. As I’ve detailed in The Dossier, this spat started many, many years ago. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is just the *latest* event in a decades-long geopolitical tug of war between hyper aggressive western interests, an energy emboldened Russia, rising and fading Great Powers, shadowy oligarchs, and many other overt and covert participants.

Moscow has certainly decided to weaponize this crisis, and they may end up leveraging the Ukraine situation to annex more land, but it’s not nearly the one-sided fiasco the corporate press and western ruling class is projecting the situation out to be. It’s not so much a battle of “good Ukraine” versus “evil “Putin,” but two kleptocratic shades of gray, with many innocents caught in the crosshairs. Yet actors with a heavy interest in this fight want to make sure that the narrative is protected at all costs.

The war in Ukraine is primarily a product of a turf war between governmental and ultra powerful private interested parties. It is certainly not worth fighting a war over, let alone $8 a gallon gasoline, which could result in unbelievable suffering on the home front, especially among our most vulnerable.

Sure, Americans should feel free to embrace and fight for the social and political causes that they choose to defend, but they can do that voluntarily. Our ruling class has now taken this fight far beyond asking us to support their pet project interests in Ukraine. They are now forcing us to have skin in this game.

Americans are now being told that they must sacrifice for Ukraine. For now, it comes both in the form of brutal sanctions and committing the US to an escalation cycle that is recklessly increasing the chances of a major conflict breaking out.

 How exactly does the average American benefit from sanctions against Russia and the increasing prospect for war with a Great Power? Only through sensational, hysterical, false narratives (think: Putin as the next Hitler) can the regime connect the average farmer in Arkansas, or the cattle rancher in Wyoming, or the postal worker in Detroit to the war in Ukraine.

With a war-weary public, a politicized military, energy prices reaching record highs, and Americans still struggling from a government-imposed COVID crunch on the economy, the last thing the American people need is more top-down suppression of our lives and liberties. Americans have no obligation to sacrifice for the war in Ukraine.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.
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