Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Let The Re-Writing Of Covid History Begin?

By Chris Rossini - February 09, 2022 at 09:43AM


It took much too long, but it appears that the tide of public opinion has finally turned. The term "trust the science" has suddenly lost its luster, especially when it comes from the mouth of a politician or so-called "expert."

The meanings of the words "science" and "expert" have been blown to pieces. But such is always the case when politicians get involved in things they shouldn't be involved in. They have an uncanny ability of destroying everything they touch.

Well, they touched the words "science" and "expert" and made them completely unrecognizable. I've heard the phrase "You can't tell what's true anymore" more than enough times over the last several years. 

We've all had a front row seat in what a so-called "post-truth" world looks like -- It looks like totalitarian tyranny! Truth and Liberty go hand-in-hand; as do lies and tyranny.

Miraculously, as public opinion has changed, so has the "science"! Imagine that. The "science" now says that masks, lockdowns, and mandates are bad.

If only the "science" crystal ball had said such things two years ago! Imagine all the pain, suffering and death that could have been avoided. 

One must also wonder, if public opinion didn't change, would the "science" have remained unchanged as well? Who knows?

But as the tyranny is (reluctantly) peeled away, the predictable (re)-writing of history has begun.

Think of the Iraq War as an analogy for what you should expect going forward. The mania of lies and smears that led up to that failed war was deafening.

Now think about today...

How many people actually admit to supporting the Iraq War? Roughly...

You can probably count them on one hand. Very (very) few people. Only the hard-core warmongers will admit to it.

Well, as Covid "history" is fabricated and branded into digital ink, you can be sure to see the same behavior from the lying class.

Denial, followed by more denial. 

"I never supported the wearing of masks."

"I was always against lockdowns."

"Vaccine Passports? What do think I am? Some kind of Nazi?"

Be prepared, because just as people will not admit that they supported the Iraq War, so will they start changing their tunes about being petty dictators for a solid two years.

The blame will also be offloaded on a fictional collective. Be prepared to see the word "we" over and over:

"We" should have known better.

"We" made mistakes.

"We" need to do a better job. The government needs more money.

"We" thought that the masks, lockdowns & "vaccines" would work.

The culprits will try to hide behind the smokescreen called "we."

But what has just transpired is not result of some imaginary "we." What has been done was done by specific individual people with their own specific goals.

Contrary to one of the mantras that were repeated throughout: "We" were certainly not in this together.

Not by a long shot.

There were clear beneficiaries and clear victims.

As a vast majority of people start to lick their wounds and try to put together their lives (that were needlessly shattered), some lessons must be learned: 

First, stop believing the professional lying class.

They will lie about wars, about viruses, about the economy, about everything. Always assume that people who are trying to force you to do something that you don't want to do, are lying.

You'll rarely be disappointed in your decision.

Also, tyranny does not solve problems. It exacerbates and multiplies them. 

Complying with tyranny does not make it go away. Compliance only multiplies the demands and "mandates" that will be imposed upon you.

Finally, Liberty is only a belief away. During times like these, it's waiting in the wings...waiting to be embraced. It never imposes itself.

When Liberty is embraced, it changes everything for the better.

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from Ron Paul Institute Featured Articles


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