Thursday, December 30, 2021

Fauci Lied and Thousands Died... RPI Year-End Update

By Daniel McAdams - December 30, 2021 at 12:38AM

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As 2021 winds down to its last couple of days, I am writing to toot our horn a bit. You see, the Ron Paul Liberty Report has spent this year - and the previous year - in the trenches fighting what can only be described as the greatest assault on Americans' civil liberties since slavery.

All of a sudden we saw that our house of liberty was built on sand - that the elites made billions with their boots on our necks while the rest of us suffered. Never again!

You have probably received many solicitations for end-of-year support from organizations that put their finger to the wind to see when it's safe to come out in favor of liberty and freedom. As you know, Ron Paul has never played that game.

From the very first moment they started ramping up an authoritarian response to a virus, Ron Paul was calling their bluff. He published "The Coronavirus Hoax" on the Ron Paul Institute website in March, 2020, just as President Trump was following his malevolent covid advisors toward lockdowns and tyranny.

It certainly was not the "cautious" thing to say - and we received some nasty notes from a few supporters - but Ron Paul always speaks the truth regardless of whether it is popular at the time.

In this prescient March 2020 article he wrote:
Governments love crises because when the people are fearful they are more willing to give up freedoms for promises that the government will take care of them.
Did he call this whole thing or what? Governments use "crises" to frighten the people into submitting their liberties to the "authorities" in exchange for protections that governments never deliver.

And how well did the government protect us from illness and death from this coronavirus? About as well as it protected us against a terror attack on 9/11.

Senator Rand Paul said it best as a guest on a recent episode of the Ron Paul Institute's Ron Paul Liberty Report:
I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now because [Fauci] has deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics.
The mainstream media is doing a great job amplifying Sen. Paul's Liberty Report statements - of course with the intention of ridiculing the Senator.

But we're past that. Their game is up.

We've travelled down this road together these past two years. Dr. Paul and I scouring the media every morning to try and bring the latest bit of truth to our growing viewership. As the mainstream media loses viewers by the millions, the Ron Paul Liberty Report GAINS viewers by the millions!

Our influence is growing thanks to your generous support. But we cannot continue to produce a top-quality news and analysis program every day without you. Behind the camera there are so many expenses that we must meet if we are to continue.

And we are not just the Ron Paul Liberty Report! This year the Ron Paul Institute held two sold-out conferences, in Houston and Washington, DC, including speakers like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Rep. Thomas Massie! We also held our second Ron Paul Scholars Seminar - a foreign policy boot camp for a terrific group of upper division undergrads and grad students! And don't forget the thousand-plus articles we publish each year!

Without the Ron Paul Institute and the Liberty Report who would be left to tell the unvarnished truth? 

Time is running out to get all the tax credit for your donation to the Ron Paul Institute - 501(c)3 Charity - for 2021! Please act NOW before midnight on December 31st to keep the Ron Paul Institute and Liberty Report alive and growing in 2022.

The bad guys are not giving in. They are not giving up. We can stop them in 2022...but we need your help!

Please take a moment and make a stand for peace and liberty NOW!

Hope to see all of you at a future Ron Paul Institute event in 2022!



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