Tuesday, November 30, 2021

On 'Giving Tuesday' We Have a Gift For You!

By Daniel McAdams - November 30, 2021 at 12:37AM

As many of you know, the Tuesday following the family celebration of Thanksgiving followed by the buying frenzy of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" has been designated "Giving Tuesday." It is the day that we remember to support our favorite causes in the hope that together we may make the country - and beyond - a better place.

This Giving Tuesday we want to give something back to you, which is why we are offering as a "thank you" gift a copy of Ron Paul's brand new mini-book, "Making Sense of Current Political Idiocies: Covid, 'Wokeism,' and the Cultural Marxist Threat," to Ron Paul Institute supporters.

We will mail you a copy of the new Ron Paul Book as a "thank you" for a $50 tax-deductible donation to the Ron Paul Institute. For a donation of $100 or more Dr. Paul will personally sign the book for you!

This book is SO timely!

We feel it in our bones that the global authoritarians are using a supposed public health event - the emergence of a virus - to usher in a kind of tyranny the world has never seen before. Yes, we have had the horrors of National Socialism in the 1930s and before that the Bolsheviks spread their own evil virus from their host in Russia nearly around the world.

But while we are not (yet) seeing governments mowing down citizens by hand in the open, somehow this globally-coordinated effort to strike the root of basic human rights and civil liberties worldwide seems to be sliding us down that slope. Watch police and soldiers chase and assault unarmed citizens in Australia - and even Germany and Austria - for the "crime" of standing up for free speech and control over their own bodies!

They are only getting started.

When the rule of law has been disintegrated, anything is possible. That is where we are today. And that is why the Ron Paul Liberty Report and the Ron Paul Institute have spent the past year and a half trying to expose the evil machinations of the Anthony Faucis of the world. That is why we have featured great truth-tellers like Rep. Thomas Massie and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at our conferences. 

This is not a Left/Right issue - no matter how desperate they are to divide us into superficial camps. This is freedom versus slavery. The stakes are that high.

We understand that there are a lot of great causes out there to support. We only ask that you take a moment and think about the future - your future, your children's future, your grandchildren's future. If they succeed in bringing us to heel under Fauci's iron fist, there will be little to pass on to future generations.

That is what motivates Dr. Paul and I when we first arise in the morning and are smacked in the face with all the horrors of the latest news, all the advances of the enemies of freedom, and do our best to present them to you along with some uplifting stories all packaged together in our daily Liberty Report.

Please keep the Ron Paul Movement growing, expanding, and inspiring. 

Ron Paul's new mini-book is not currently commercially available anywhere: You can only get it from the Ron Paul Institute. We are offering you something special - a collector's edition of Ron Paul's latest work.

How to get this amazing new Ron Paul publication? Simply make a tax-deductible donation to his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity! A donation of $50 will get you a "thank you" of a copy of the book. For $100 Dr. Paul will sign the book himself, making it a treasured addition to your personal collection.

The time is very limited and the supplies are very limited so act NOW! 

You don't have to click any extra buttons or send us any message: ALL donations of $50 or more will receive this gift and ALL donations of $100 or more will receive a signed copy of the book! It could not be easier.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep the Ron Paul Freedom Movement alive and well!

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