Saturday, July 31, 2021

Seven Words That Curse the State

By Karen Kwiatkowski - July 31, 2021 at 12:06PM


What we say can shape how we think, and what we do. For example, the use of profanity when you stub your toe can actually help ease the pain. Trust the science on this one!

Sadly, the world is far beyond the toe-stubbing stage. But profanity by itself is not the answer. There are other words we should be using daily, words far more powerful and effective for what we face today.

For example, this week, Congressman Thomas Massie repeatedly used two words that we should keep handy, in his video explaining the idiocy of Queen Nancy and her edicts. Tyrant is one of them. Tyrant, and its pal, tyranny, show up a few times in the 1776 Declaration of Independence. People living on the North American continent were kind of frustrated with a distant, elite, grasping monarch and his aggressive Army, drunk on arrogance. The tyranny of King George, in terms of liberty and economy, was mild compared to what Americans have suffered at the hand of their own elected government since the turn of the 20th Century.

We are a very different people than those who engaged in the War of Independence. We are a less bold, less brave, less faith-filled, and less confident than those who hopped on ships and left home with whatever they could carry, knowing they would never, ever return to the place of their birth, or see their parents or their remaining family again.

In that sense, we deserve exactly what we are getting from the rampant and vile statism that dominates the United States today. To get better, we ought to practice using the word “tyrant” and “tyranny” every day. If you are not familiar with this word, look it up. Tyranny is “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority,” and a tyrant is one who exhibits this behavior.

Congressman Massie also used the word “hypocrite.” This is a wonderful and popular word; we often use it when we refer to the very rich and famous. We are less likely to apply this word routinely to our government bureaucrats and politicians. In fact, we are more likely to call someone who is employed by government a hypocrite (libertarians get this all the time with “how can you criticize the government when you work for it, etc.”) than we call out the actual politicians and political organizations who facilitate the tyranny. “Hypocrite” should be directed at our government and its spokespeople and defenders every minute, of every hour, of every day.

Another helpful word, often misdirected, is “Liar!” Warning: this is a four letter word and can cause a fight or flight response. It is widely used by the state towards its citizens, when we the people make an observation about something the state has done or proclaimed. For example, since the coronavirus fiasco (a government gain-of-function enhanced virus leaked from a government lab resulting in a government-directed shutdown, a government-funded vaccine development with government-required genetic (mRNA) therapy development, with government-exempted safety and testing protocols, to government-mandated injections, to vaccine passports issued and mandated by government) we have had a lot of citizens and organizations in this country called “liars” and in many cases, had their “lying” words and voices removed from the public discourse.

Similarly, the 21st century treatment of Julian Assange, of Craig Murray, of Daniel Hale, or a host of journalists and whistleblowers – that is, removal of these people from public life, via imprisonment or in some cases, state murder as we logically suspect with Michael Hastings or even political blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein. To put it simply the state, and the corporate elites and sociopaths who manage it, in effect and in practice, declare all of these enemies of the state to be liars. But if we point out, timidly and mouselike, that the good Doctor Fauci has reversed himself on masking, lockdowns, death rates, infection rates, treatments for viral infection, his role in funding gain of function research on coronaviruses at UNC and Wuhan, his patents, the list goes one, it is we who are the liars, we who weave conspiracies, we who don’t have the big picture, we who need to shut up or be locked up.

Thus, I add “Liar!” to the list. This word, even moreso than “Tyrant!” and “Hypocrite!” arouses emotion and will indeed make the target angry. In my experience, the use of this word by the state and by the left has been effective. For us, in our current era, going first-strike nuclear with “Liar!” is the new normal. For kind Christians and kind people in general, this can be difficult. But a name for the devil has always been the Great Liar, to lie is to violate the ninth Commandment, and liars in government service have been and remain today the absolute cause of literally millions of human deaths, massive harm and destruction of the global environment, and global fraud. Lies never solve the problem, but are always employed to cover them up. Call them out!

The other L word has fallen out of favor, and in a world of global statism, for good reason. Liberty is a lovely and powerful word. We see “liberty” in advertisements, in company names and newsletter headers – but it has a grace and nuance that really needs to be inserted into our daily conversation. For me, as a horse lover, I think about a way of working a horse called “at liberty.” It is handling and communicating with a horse without leads or physical restraints, relying on a mutual recognition of man and horse, respectful communication and identifying and encouraging points of agreement. To watch horses work with their people at liberty, or to do it yourself, is to become aware of the intelligence, peace and complexity of the world in front of us, and experience our role in that world completely.

What a wonderful blessing, to communicate and to consent, to lead and follow without force, to choose your direction and action, as one and as a team. Being at liberty is not only our God-given and God-created state of being, it is how God speaks to us and leads us. Note that this is completely antithetical to how the state relates to us. Removing the very concept of liberty is, and has always been, a method of state control. Many on the right deplore the elimination and weakening of religion, the secularization of society, or the actual assumption of a state religion – all of which are hallmarks of a well-developed state. But without understanding our natural and spiritual state as individuals, the solutions proposed by left and right – solutions that entail a “better” or “different” state – are doomed and costly.

I’ll add two of my favorites, “No!” and “Mine!” If you have dealt with toddlers, you may have heard these words, often used together. Please reinsert these into your own vocabulary, and use them every day. “No!” is useful as an initial response to anything and everything. No harm in saying “yes” later, but in this day and age “No!” must be your first response to anything and everything you see, read or hear from the state, state entities, state spokesmen, including most media outlets. To be safe, one may follow this up with a Ma’am or Sir. It could be softened with an “I don’t understand” or “I cannot verify that,” but keep “No!” handy and use it often.

“Mine” is important as it speaks to ownership – something the state, the left and globalists and elites – do not believe you deserve or need. The infamous words of Klaus Schwab, “you will own nothing and be happy” remind us that “Mine!” is a word that will not be allowed. The horrendous statist push is already on to bag and tag every human, to plug every individual into a centralized electrical-communication grid whereby their needs will be completely met by the state, based on compliance. Proclaim loudly, “My Body, My Choice” – politicians and the left will instantly recognize this phrase, and asserting what we own – our bodies, our thoughts, our homes, our autonomy, our communications, scribblings, dreams and papers, is fundamental to every part of your existence, and historically sound.

Lastly, we must always remember to say “Thank you.” Very often, in times of stress and tension, and of fear, we forget we have much to be thankful for. Like profanity, saying “thanks” and recognizing the great blessings we already have at hand, at our disposal, here and now, both relieves stress and empowers. Gratitude is something the state also insists upon, as the High Chancellor sputters to his staff in V for Vendetta “I want everyone to remember why they need us!” Something that valuable to the state, as we see in both art and life, is powerful a tool to help us break the state, by building decentralized relationships and communities.

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