Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Dear 'Insurrectionists': Welcome to the Anti-State Movement

By - June 30, 2021 at 12:22AM


American Greatness website's Julie Kelly is a hero of modern journalism. She embodies the spirit of Mencken and so many others who refused to bow to the career-advancing zeitgeist of worshipping the state. She has doggedly reported on the incredible -- beyond-Stalinist -- persecution of a rag-tag group of "insurrectionist" Trump supporters who found themselves in a trap sprung by the deep state and its storm-trooping FBI to set-up MAGA-ists as enemies of the state to justify a broader persecution of the very right-wing populism that propelled Trump into the Oval Office - to the shock of the elites - in the first place.

Trump was a "knuckle-dragger" who had the gall to successfully challenge the anointed successor to the "peace" president Obama on the slogan of "why not get along with Russia?" and "Blue collar America: I am not a Washington elite. I've got your back."

We have credibility because we are not partisan: Trump was, sadly, a disaster once in place - Pompeo? Barr? Sessions? Bolton? - he kept his enemies close but, unfortunately, not in the manner of Don Corleone.

Still we remain remotely sympathetic because we understand that for all his faults his enemies are far more evil than he is.

Just like the Soviet empire, the US empire is frail, weak, and cannot brook any criticism rooted in logic or any semblance of reality as understood by the unwashed masses. 

With that said, Kelly's recent article does offer some major Scooby-snacks to anti-empire and anti-state peace and prosperity activists. 

She captures the deep and breathtaking corruption of the Capitol Hill Cops in setting up the Trump supporters as insurrectionists, pointing to the cops' off-camera use of violent crowd-control devices against peaceful and patriotic protesters. The 14,000 hours of video surveillance has been suppressed in favor of tiny sound bites without context to make innocent Americans look like kulaks in the era of Stalin.

To be honest, I was not at all shocked when I heard of the corruption of the Capitol Hill Police Department. As a 12 year Congressional staffer for Dr. Ron Paul I experienced it up close and personal on many occasions. One Capitol Hill officer was notorious for yelling at staffers who crossed against the light even when there were no cars visible in any direction. It was pure power trip for him.

Little did I know that his blustering and yelling at staffers for crossing when there was no cross-traffic anywhere in the distance was a cover for far more corrupt activities.

I have never before revealed this in public, but one time when he threatened me for crossing the street against the light when there was no traffic anywhere remotely in sight I challenged him. I asked him why he was threatening staffers when clearly there was no reason for us to wait for three or more minutes on a very minor side street to cross to get to work. I may even have framed my question in a rude manner, as he was such an absurd bully.

He forced me to go with him behind the guard shack on the corner of C and First Street - out of public view. He said to me, "I will file a report that you came up on me with a weapon and threatened me with violence and you will be arrested. It's my word against yours and you will go to jail."

I was shocked because I did not threaten him in any way; just questioned his bullying of staffers. But he threatened to lie to his superiors about me to get me charged with a serious crime. And of course go to jail.

That's when I understood that the US Capitol Hill Police Department was as corrupt as a banana republic dictatorship. They did the bidding of their masters, the heads of the House and Senate. You want threats? We'll give you threats. You want arrests? We'll give you arrests. They are no police officers, they are prostitutes. And they proved it again - not at all to my surprise - on the January 6th "insurrection."

So that's why I looked with some amusement at the MAGA demonstrators who thought upon confronting Capitol Hill Police Officers they were given the opportunity to give a deep embrace to the thin Blue Line. 

As one "insurrectionist" was quoted as saying to the corrupt Capitol Hill Cops were carrying out their ant-Trump operation, “We’ve always supported you!”

What a wake-up call to the police state for the ignorant, flag-mongering MAGA-ists:

As the old Soviet joke goes:

"I love the Party."

"But does the Party love you?"

So yes I will continue to argue that the bogus "insurrectionists" should all immediately be set free. But I will also argue much more forcibly that these same absurd MAGA protesters finally digest the nature of the state: dudes that state hates you! You support that "thin blue line"? You think the cops are on your side when you bluster about "come and take it"?

Who do you think will actually come and take it? It's always the corrupt Capitol Hill Cops, directed by demonic monsters Pelosi and McConnell.

MAGA "insurrectionists" are you ready to join the non-interventionist movement? Because the Party that you still foolishly embrace wants you to go to the gulag.

Open your eyes: the state is evil because it is directed by evil people like Pelosi and Biden and McConnell and Schumer et al. Let us know when you have finally freed your mind and we will welcome you to the freedom movement.

from Peace and Prosperity


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