Tuesday, August 11, 2020

America Desperately Needs a Second Opinion

By Jeff Harris - August 11, 2020 at 03:48PM


Doctors are human and subject to human mistakes. Even doctors with exceptional “expert” credentials are still human and like all humans fallible. That’s why patients often seek a second or even third opinion from other expert physicians BEFORE implementing a treatment program. That’s especially true if said treatment is potentially life threatening or subject to severe side effects that may be as deadly as the illness itself.

 The Mayo Clinic published a study three years ago with the headline, “Three Reasons Why Getting a Second Opinion is Worth it.” It said in part:
The study has found that more than 1 in 5 patients referred for a second opinion-for many different conditions-may have been incorrectly diagnosed by their health providers.
Dr. James Naessens, SC. D. of Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, led the study that looked at medical records for 286 patients whose healthcare provider referred them to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. Dr. Naessens found that 21% of the time the final diagnosis was completely different from the original diagnosis!

But the Mayo Clinic is not alone in their recommendation of second opinions. Here’s what the Cleveland Clinic has to say about second opinions:
When your health-and perhaps even your life-is at stake, we want to make sure you are making the most informed decision about your diagnosis and treatment plan. . . 
Here’s what Johns Hopkins says about second opinions:
An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure that the correct and most effective treatment is given. Getting a second opinion on a diagnosis can reverse a diagnosis or alter the treatment plan.
So the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, some of the most highly respected, prestigious medical facilities in the world unanimously recommend second medical opinions.

Medical Malpractice

Somehow, the best medical advice from the nation’s most respected medical institutions recommending a second opinion was completely ignored when Covid-19 showed up. Instead, a handful of alleged government medical “experts” advised the political class to use illegal, unconstitutional powers to lockdown the nation, with the threat that millions would die if we didn’t obey their dictates.

So why did the political class, those elected by the people to represent the people’s interest, not insist on a second opinion? Why were they willing, some even eager, to ignore the peoples guaranteed Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Why were they willing to ignore the best medical advice to seek a second opinion BEFORE destroying the livelihoods of millions of hardworking American’s?

It’s not like there were no independent medical experts sounding the alarm about the Covid fraud and the ridiculous mass hysteria being whipped up by the politicians and the media. Literally hundreds of highly credentialed medical experts across the globe are on record as to the absurdity of the actions recommended by government medical “experts”. One of those experts, Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University assembled a group of like-minded medical experts this past March to offer a second opinion to President Trump. They wanted him to know their professional assessment of Covid-19 was that yes it was a flu bug but locking down the nation was a ridiculously unnecessary move that could cause more harm than good.

Dr. Ioannidis said it was like an elephant being attacked by a house cat. Apparently President Trump gave in to his political advisors and ignored the second opinion advice of Dr. Ioannidis and his associates.

Instead President Trump should immediately convene a blue ribbon panel of independent medical experts with no ties to direct government funding or pharmaceutical control for a genuine second opinion. Then, act on their recommendations regardless of the hue and cry from the political class and their media enablers.

America needs a second opinion on Covid-19, and we need it acted on now!

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