Monday, August 20, 2018

Infowars Turns Readers Into Nazi Zombies

By Kurt Nimmo - August 20, 2018 at 08:26AM


According to Reveal and the Center for Investigative Reporting reading Infowars will turn you into a white supremacist. It’s a racist recruiting tool, they insist. 

Case in point: Andrew Anglin, the former hippie vegan who now edits The Daily Stormer. His previous effort was named Total Fascism.

Anglin’s 2015 interview [aired on the Stormfront site] shows that Jones’ brand of conspiracy peddling also helps usher new recruits into the white supremacist movement. Seeing the whole world as a massive conspiracy is a foundational part of the white nationalist mindset.

In other words, if you read Infowars and listen to Alex Jones, you eventually end up a Nazi or worse.

This ridiculous supposition—believed by millions of liberals and anti-Jones activists—is based on the experience of one man who obviously has mental health issues. So much for investigative reporting.

But this inanity should be expected, considering who funds and supports Reveal.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation (CIA), Google News Lab, and a pile of  foundations, including Open Society Foundations run by George Soros.

In order to underscore this harebrained assertion, Reveal tapped David Neiwert, an establishment journalist who cranks out “Hatewatch” propaganda for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Neiwert told Reveal:
There are many different kinds of far-right extremists in America: neo-Nazis like Anglin, militiaman Patriots and Oath Keepers, white nationalists, Proud Boys, anti-Semites, misogynist “incels.” But they all have one thing in common: They functionally live in the same alternative universe, the epistemological bubble, concocted and controlled by a mini-media industry of conspiracy theorists who make large bundles of money by conning true believers into believing them… And the No. 1 purveyor in all this, the man who took the marketing of his bubble mainstream, and in the process ruined millions of people’s lives, is Alex Jones.
It is obvious where Neiwert and Reveal are going with this—Infowars and likewise sites are a public danger—having the miraculous ability to turn casual readers and viewers into hardened fascists—and should be outlawed and scrubbed from the web.

Reveal found a video where Alex Jones talks about Jews and the fact many are in positions of power. This is used to make the case Jones hates Jews and is a real deal Nazi.


Jones turned Infowars into a Trump cheering section. Trump loves Israel, he visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and declared that city the new home of the US embassy and capital of Israel. Trump has also sidled up to the Saudis, the perpetrators of an especially virulent offshoot of Islam, Wahhabism, responsible for both al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Niggling details have not prevented Jones from exploiting the Trump crowd to enlarge his empire. Jumping on the Trump wagon has drawn in thousands of new subscribers to all things Infowars, including its profitable online store.

I was an Infowars editor for eight years. I can say without a doubt Alex Jones is not a Nazi or white supremacist.

In fact, on numerous occasions, he defended the “right” of Israel to “defend” itself from the terrorism of Palestinians locked up in the world’s largest open-air prison.

Paul Joseph Watson occasionally wrote about the crimes of the state of Israel—but that was then, this is now. Now Watson stands with the Islamophobes, many ardent supporters of Israel, including the scurrilous provocateur Pamela Geller. Infowars’ sister website, Prison Planet, has reposted Geller’s articles, including one where she calls for banning the Quran.

If Infowars and Prison Planet were truly racist as Neiwert and Reveal insist, Pam Geller would not be a part of Infowars and Prison Planet. She’s Jewish.

Jones also works with author Jerome Corsi. He has long been a staunch defender of Israel and its apartheid state.

Neiwert and Reveal are part of an evolving effort to remove the political enemies of the establishment from the internet.

Social media corporations are also in the process of removing and suspending leftist accounts—including Truthdig, Democracy Now, and the World Socialist Web Site.

The state in cooperation with the Silicon Valley billionaires will eventually remove all content at odds with the political constructs of the ruling elite and the financial oligarchy. This includes leftist social media and websites that wander too far afield from the parameters established by the state.

Mr. Neiwert should be careful what he wishes for. If he knew anything about history, he would understand the threat we now confront affects everybody.

The state and its controllers are masters of deceit and disguise. It may look like they’re supporting the leftists and Trump-hating progressives and Democrats, but this is an act, a political shell game.

Unfortunately, the MAGA crowd has not realized this and continue the pointless and fruitless battle with leftists. 

The final act is the removal of all dissenting voices from social media and eventually the internet proper.

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from Ron Paul Institute Featured Articles


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