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Bionic Mosquito Draws Blood From Cathy Young

By Daniel McAdams - July 11, 2017 at 03:56PM


If you haven't yet read the Bionic Mosquito's blistering refutation of "libertarian" neocon Cathy Young's Reason Magazine piece on why Russia is the ultimate evil that must be sanctioned and smashed, do yourself a favor and take the time to do so.

In the Reason piece dissected by the Mosquito, Cathy Young -- a Russian immigrant -- slams Ron Paul and others with similar views on US/Russia relations (opposing Cold War 2.0 and NATO provocations on Russia's borders) as being "pro-Russia" (as opposed to anti-interventionist and anti-WWIII).

Hers is the same garbage we have heard from the neocons and "humanitarian" interventionists for the past 13 years: if you oppose war on Iraq, you are pro-Saddam; if you oppose blowing up Libya, you are a Gaddafi lover; if you don't want to arm a bunch of crazed jihadis to overthrow secular Syria, you are an Assad apologist; and if you dare to suggest we attempt peaceful relations with Russia no matter our differences you are -- of course -- Putin's puppet.

The warmongers always lie and the people must be lied into war, as Goering knew so well.

Young believes that the US government must support "pro-freedom" (read: anti-Russian) countries on Russia's borders because to just leave them alone "would be a net loss for liberty and, arguably, for America as well."

Young comes from the Trotskyite branch of the (faux) libertarian movement, where the libertarian's struggle is not to get his government off his back so that he/she can live as a free person, but rather to demand that US government resources be used to force (their view of) libertarianism ("pro-freedomism") across the globe. That's why she desperately calls for more "NGO" money to be flushed down the "democracy promotion" rathole in hopes that the "non-governmental" sector and the CIA can continue to work hand-in-hand to prop up some governments deemed friendly to the US government and to undermine and destroy.

Below is an appetizer from the Mosquito, but don't miss the rest of the meal here.

Better Dead Than Traditionally Wed

by Bionic Mosquito

This one runs a bit long…


Russia's Global Anti-Libertarian Crusade: How Vladimir Putin's desire for domination and acceptance is scrambling American politics, by Cathy Young and published by Reason.com

Yes, it’s all Putin’s fault – even at Reason Magazine.

The beltway mainstream libertarians are coming out in force for war with Russia, and criticizing the libertarians who are against war with Russia.  Their desire for the libertine overwhelms any concerns they might have regarding war with Russia.

Now they don’t say all of this in so many words, but one need not be a high school graduate to see where this is all headed.

Let’s allow Cathy Young to set the stage:

· NATO expanding to Russia’s borders should not be seen as a threat by Russia, but as an olive branch of peace;

· The EU should not be viewed as an unaccountable bureaucracy, but an organization dedicated to advancing liberty in Europe;

· Western involvement in color revolutions (if it even occurs) – even on the doorsteps of Russia – should not be seen as destabilizing, but as advancement of liberal democracy;

· Creating turmoil throughout the Muslim world should not be viewed as a threat to Russia – which not only directly borders this Muslim world but is also home to something in the order of 10 million Muslims, but instead seen as a move toward expanding freedom.

And how are libertarians who might believe otherwise viewed?
…pro-Russian (or at least anti-anti-Russian) arguments have become fairly common not just among conservatives but among a contingent of libertarians, such as former Rep. Ron Paul and Antiwar.com Editorial Director Justin Raimondo.
And why?
…Ron Paul–style libertarians are inclined to see Russia as a check on U.S. foreign adventurism and Russia hawks as hardcore proponents of the American imperial leviathan.
An incomplete view is the most charitable way I can describe this, although for a libertarian even just this might be reason enough to be “anti-anti-Russian.”

And why are these beltway mainstream libertarians against Russia?  (Emphasis added)
Schindler cites a 2013 speech in which Putin deplored the rejection of "Christian values" by "many Euro-Atlantic countries," defended Russia's right to protect traditional morality, and criticized attempts to export "extreme Western-style liberalism" worldwide. (The main example of Western decadence and liberal extremism was, of course, same-sex marriage.)
Get the picture?  Do you think my title was a joke?  And for this, the West must go to war against Russia.  And any libertarian (or anyone else) who disagrees is, by definition, on Putin’s payroll.  (He must not have my wiring instructions.  I’m still waiting.)

The Death of Democracy

As if – at least as it is currently practiced in much of the West – this would be a bad thing….
The dominant narrative in the U.S. foreign policy establishment and mainstream media casts Putin as the implacable enemy of the Western liberal order…In this narrative, President Donald Trump is…a witting or unwitting instrument of subversion, useful to Putin either as an ideological ally or as an incompetent who will strengthen Russia's hand by destabilizing American democracy.
To the extent democracy is both worthwhile (a position I do not grant) and meaningful, American democracy was destabilized years ago – all on its own doing.  What was the Kennedy assassination but a destabilization of democracy?  What about the lies and false flags intended to drive the people toward a passion for war?  How can there be anything approaching a stable democracy when the mainstream media so blatantly and regularly lie to the public, acting as nothing more than press agents for the state?
At its extremes, the Russian subversion narrative relies on a great deal of conspiratorial thinking. It also far too easily absolves the Western political establishment of responsibility for its failures, from the defeat of European Union supporters in England's Brexit vote to Hillary Clinton's loss in last November's election. Putin makes a convenient boogeyman.
I read this and scratch my head.  Democracy’s failures can be seen in Brexit or in Hillary’s election loss?  What on earth does that even mean?  Was there a vote or wasn’t there?

Is Reason a Neocon Tool?
Nonetheless, there is a real Russian effort to counter American—plus NATO and E.U.—influence…
What libertarian thinks in such terms?  A libertarian would want to see the influence of the American government, NATO, and the EU all countered and reduced.  Bad enough we are under the yoke of unbelievably massive state governments, NATO and the EU are entities of force and coercion even above and outside of the state.  I wish the United States would work to counter NATO and EU influence – how could a libertarian think otherwise?  Thank God someone is doing it.

Of course, one could say that the state – any state – should not be used to counteranything.  OK, I agree.  So, get the US out of NATO; get the US out of military bases around the world.  Let’s keep in mind: on whose borders has NATO encroached since the end of the Cold War?

A Call For More Government Action…

…as opposed to less government action.
What should American policy be toward Putin's Russia?
How about stay out of their business?  How about stay out of their neighborhood?  How about no more destabilizations of its neighbors?  How about that for an American policy?

No, not at Reason.
While "democracy promotion" in countries with no homegrown liberal tradition is a project likely to remain discredited for the foreseeable future…
Talk about an understatement.  Have you seen the results?  But, there is a bigger question: under what aspect of libertarian theory does the idea of “democracy promotion” by one government toward another country fall?
…support for genuine grassroots pro-freedom aspirations in countries that look to America for leadership is a far more complicated matter.
Under what aspect of libertarian theory does the idea of “support for genuine grassroots pro-freedom aspirations” by one government toward another region fall?
Ukraine, Georgia, and even the Baltic states may not be paragons of liberal capitalism today. Yet if they were bullied into a return to Russian vassalage, it would be a net loss for liberty and, arguably, for America as well.
Isn’t it their business?  Does it do any good for such smaller countries to rely on the good graces of some government five thousand miles away while at the same time being antagonistic toward its own neighbors?  How much liberty has been lost by those in the Ukraine today because of this?

Read the rest of the Mosquito here.

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