Saturday, March 22, 2014

Campaign for Liberty President John Tate Endorses Shak Hill

Released by John Tate


I’m John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty and former Campaign Manager for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign. I have served many years in the trenches and have been a long-time activist in both Virginia and National Republican politics. I have dedicated almost 30 years to advancing our ideas of liberty, freedom and preserving our constitutional Republic.

Like you, I watch every day as the Washington political class tread on our Bill of Rights and trash our Constitution. The leaders of both parties, Democrat and Republican have sold us out to the lobbyists and the crony-capitalists that keep their campaign coffers full.

And our Senator, Mark Warner is a big part of that problem.

It’s time that we make Mark Warner a one term Senator. And I believe the candidate to do that is Shak Hill.

Shak is a decorated Air-force pilot from Desert Storm, who understands that our military is for defense of our homeland and protecting our vital strategic interests.He understands that our military should not to be used to settle political scores or in social engineering experiments across the globe.

Shak is a committed constitutional conservative, dedicated to restoring our lost Fourth Amendment rights and he will stand with Senator Rand Paul and push back against the President and his “national snooping agency” the NSA. Shak will not back down in defending our Second Amendment Rights or in fighting the IRS’s efforts to target citizens who practice their First Amendment rights speaking out against tyranny and oppression.

As the President’s support continues to erode we have a historic opportunity to defeat Mark Warner and his liberal allies and take back the US Senate. While the inside the beltway pundits and power brokers have decided to take the opportunity to promote one of their favorite insiders - lobbyist, Ed Gillespie, we have an opportunity to nominate a true constitutionalist in Shak Hill. Gillespie, is not only just a DC insider but the “political twin” of Karl Rove - the same Karl Rove who has declared war on the the Liberty movement, tea party and the conservative grass-roots. We can’t afford to nominate another DC lobbyist who doesn’t even like the base of his own, our party.

In stark contrast, Shak Hill’s campaign will offer us a chance to lead the argument based on a foundation of principal. He will be able to look Mark Warner in the eye and go toe to toe with him on Obamacare, the out of control Federal Reserve and fiscal restraint without hesitation or having to explain away his own past record.

Shak Hill will unite our party and bring all conservatives together under one banner to secure victory in Virginia. It will be a victory that we can be proud of and not one that merely gives us another “R” on the roster in the US Senate. Together we will usher in an era of political rebirth in Virginia as our founders intended.

We simply cannot win talking about the failed Romney campaign, the distractions on health care, amnesty, TARP, Karl Rove and Enron. All these are distractions that will make for a media campaign this Summer and Fall that even millions spent by Gillespie will not be able to recover from. It’s going to be an uphill battle to defeat Mark Warner and it can’t be done by a Washington lobbyist with a flawed record.

It’s going to take a candidate that can stand firm on principle and lead on conviction. Someone who has spent their life working and paying taxes in the private sector, creating a small business and who can take the fight to Warner on Obamacare without having to cede any ground or explain away their own ideas on healthcare.

That candidate is Shak Hill!

I wholeheartedly support Shak and ask that you will become a delegate to the Virginia Republican state convention June 6-7 in Roanoke to help nominate Shak Hill to carry forward our banner of liberty as our nominee for US Senate.

In Liberty,

John Tate

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