Saturday, January 18, 2014

Republican No Matter What!!!

By Floyd Bayne
Closed earsOn a local Republican Committee Facebook page I have been having a back and forth with one of the Kool-Aid drinkers. It continues to amaze me how ignorant of reality some people can be, but it is what it is. The latest exchange was one that I thought you might find elucidating as well.
First, her statement:
"Doug and Floyd - I continue to be curious about the bitterness and venom you direct towards Republicans, with nary a word of complaint about the folks who, it seems to me, are the ones destroying personal freedom and abrogating the Constitution: Obama, Harry Reid, Eric Holder & Co. I am trying to understand your thought process here."
Now, my response:
OH COME ON, (name removed)! "With nary a word?" Have you even paid any attention to what I have been saying over the last four years?! I get so tired of repeating myself. It's like trying to tell my kids to do something. But, I will try to break it down one more time.
Democrats are big government, liberal, progressive scumbags, who think the government should tell each of us how to wipe our a** when we go to the bathroom. They seek, in ways to numerous to mention here, to strip us of our freedom each and every day. Got it?! But at least they say it. They don't try to hide who they are or what they believe. THEY LIKE BIG GOVERNMENT!
The vast majority of Republicans today, and YES, that includes the voters, because they keep putting the same clowns back in office every year, don't seem to be bothered by that kind of behavior when it comes from THEIR Republican representative, because, well, at least he's not a Democrat! *GASP* I DON'T LIKE LIARS! Do not talk to me about the Constitution, liberty, personal freedom, fiscal responsibility, and limited government, while you are voting to spend more money, grow the government, bail out banks, send more of our money to foreign nations, and strip us of the very rights that you claim the Democrats don't care about. REPUBLICANS ARE DOING THE SAME DAMN THINGS!
You don't like bailouts? Have you heard of TARP?! Don't like sending money to foreign nations, while our own economy is in the toilet? Have you heard of PEPFAR?! Don't like seeing your rights stripped away? Have you heard of NDAA and The Patriot Act?! Don't like the government telling us how to live our daily lives? Have you noticed that we can't use regular lightbulbs anymore?! Each of the things I mentioned just now were voted FOR by Eric Cantor, a REPUBLICAN! Each of them happened during the Bush administration, a REPUBLICAN president.
Cantor and others like him talk about liberty and the Constitution, but they do not vote the way their rhetoric would lead you to believe. And as much as it pains me to say this, and I know you're going to get your feelings hurt, but so be it, SHAME ON YOU (name removed), FOR NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO IT! I am not going to do your homework for you. All you have to do is look at Cantor's voting record. Look at any Republican's voting record. Compare it to their speeches and news interviews. It can be done, if you really want the truth. ERIC CANTOR IS A BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRESSIVE!
There it is, (name removed), the truth. Harsh, real, honest, verifiable, truth. I do not like big government progressives, whether they have an R next to their name or a D. My freedom and that of my children and that of our nation is more important to me than any political party or candidate. I will continue to point out the lies and take these lying, low down, scum bags to task every chance I get. I may not have much to fight them with, but I do have a voice and there are people who read what I write, and I will use my voice to scream as loud as I can when someone, ANYONE, tries to take away my freedom and harm my country. If that person happens to be a Republican, then so be it.
Phew! Excuse me a moment while I try to find my happy place. *deep breathing exercises*
I hope that satisfactorily explains why I say what I say. If not, well, I tried.



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