Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Liberty Analysis for Voters in the Governor’s Race

By Jamie Radtke, Donna Holt, Robert Dean, Chris Stearns and Russ Moulton

KEY FACTORS TO CONSIDER for Liberty-minded Voters

1395388_687460654612645_2132231667_n1. Economics / Role of Government. McAuliffe clearly advances the Keynesian/Big Government spending approach. Sarvis has recently repudiated Austrian Economics in a interview, saying he prefers more “mainstream economics”1. Cuccinelli is the closest to the Austrian Economics model and the most likely to succeed in paring back state government, spending and taxes. He has said, "I'm all-American except for my economics - and I consider that part of myself Austrian." His aggressive pursuit against ObamaCare and the EPA, his support of the Firearm Freedom Bill to restore federalism, and his high-profile tax cut proposal are indications of his reliability here.

2. Taxes. McAuliffe’s massive spending promises would require at least a $1700 per year tax increase on a family of four. Sarvis refused to support any tax cuts when pressed repeatedly in his MSNBC interview with Chuck Todd2. Cuccinelli has proposed a tax cut plan that will reduce a typical family of four’s tax burden by $700 per year.

3. Electability. A recent Quinnipiac poll shows the race has tightened to within 4% (+/- 2.9% MOE) with Sarvis at 9% and falling3. A Wentzel strategies poll yesterday also has the race within 1%4. Cuccinelli is clearly gaining, while McAuliffe and Sarvis are slipping. McAuliffe and Cuccinelli are the only candidates with any realistic chance of winning and impacting public policy dramatically on Liberty issues.

4. ObamaCare. Medicaid expansion is the real issue in terms of what states can actually do to pushback against ObamaCare. The proposed Medicaid Expansion in Virginia under ObamaCare includes adding some 400,000 people to the permanent Medicaid rolls at a cost of some $3B per year to taxpayers. McAuliffe has been a strong advocate of ObamaCare, and is pushing this Medicaid Expansion as a centerpiece of his campaign. In the Chuck Todd interview2, Sarvis came out in favor of Medicaid Expansion and declined to denounce ObamaCare. Cuccinelli is the only candidate who will block Medicaid expansion as Governor, and of course was a national leader contesting ObamaCare and the unconstitutional mandate in Federal Court. This race has become a referendum on Obamacare for many voters.

5. Transportation’s $6 Billion Tax Hike. McAuliffe has been “all-in” on McDonnell’s $6 billion tax hike for transportation. Cuccinelli opposed it, and offered alternatives without raising taxes. Sarvis has been promoting higher gas taxes and a new, ultra-invasive “Vehicle-Miles-Driven” tax5. In this scheme, the state government puts a GPS transponder on your car, so they can track your movements and tax you per mile driven. Among the many horrible problems with this invasive tax: it tells the government WHERE you are at any time (i.e. the liquor store, a political rally, an AA meeting, gun-shop, etc). It is also extremely regressive, hitting the working poor who tend to travel from more rural low-cost areas into the cities for employment.

6. Life Issues. McAuliffe and Sarvis do not support liberty for all, only those they deem worthy. Both strongly favor unrestricted abortions for sex-selection, partial-birth abortion, and abortion as a means of birth control. Cuccinelli is pro-life with the exception of when the mother’s life is in danger. We believe ALL individual’s rights, including the right to life, must be protected and defended.

We respectfully conclude that not only is Ken Cuccinelli the ONLY choice for Liberty-minded voters -- Ken is the BEST choice Liberty-minded voters have EVER had for Governor of Virginia.

We are proud to join Ron Paul, Rand Paul and thousands of other Liberty-minded activists in voting for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor on Tuesday Nov 5th. REGISTER HERE

Please join us and Ron Paul at Monday Night's Ron Paul Rally for Ken 8pm at the Richmond Convention Center, Hall C! This is the Keynote and final Rally for Ken before Tuesday's Election.

In Liberty,
Jamie Radtke
Donna Holt
Robert Dean
Chris Stearns
Russ Moulton

PS. Ken is the best and only choice for Liberty in VA. Latest polls today show this race is a dead-heat. We encourage all Liberty-minded voters to donate to Ken's campaign now, and vote for Ken Tuesday Nov 5th! If you won't be around on Tuesday -- or think you might not -- please vote in-person absentee at your local Voter Registrar's office this Saturday (all Registrar's offices are open Saturday for 8 hours).

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Not authorized or paid for by any candidate or candidates committee.


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